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Global Day of Design at Patton
By: Eva

The Global Day of Design is when students get to be creative. Many schools celebrate it, and so didPatton! Last year over 40,000 students from 450 schools (4 continents) participated. A.J. Juliani and John Spencer invented it so people -particularly students- can get creative. And… it’s LOADS  of fun!!

Ms. Mac knows a lot about it. She and Mrs. Cioni were the leaders here at Patton. We asked Ms. Mac some questions and here were her answers.

Q. Where did the idea come from?

A.  She says she found it on Twitter. She thought it would be a cool thing to do at Patton and so did some more research.   

Q.  Who helped you with the planning?

A.   She said there were many people, including, Mrs. Cioni, Miss. Miller, Ms. Donovan, Mrs. Heisler, Ms. Melamed, and Mrs. McLoone.

Q. How do you think the day was?

A. Super, Phenomenal, Fantastic! She thought it went GREAT!

Q. Is there anything you would like to change?

A. She wasn’t so sure. She really liked it though.

Q. Where did you get the idea for all the activities?

A.  She said that she just did research!

I loved the Global Day of Design!

I got some info here at the Global Day of Design website

Author, Peter Brown Visit!

By: Shyla

 This is a fun fact about Peter Brown:

             His favorite color is pink

On April 10. Peter Brown, the author of The Wild Robot came to visit Patton. Last fall the whole school read The Wild Robot and we skyped with him but this time we got to meet him in person in our school.

Here's some of what we learned during his visit:
He wrote his first book at 6 years old. That book’s name is The Adventures of Me And My Dog Buffy.  He told us that while he was illustrating other books, "I was really intrigued by the image of a robot in a tree, and a question suddenly popped into my mind: What would an intelligent robot do in the wilderness?" That was the inspiration for the book. So illustrating inspired Peter Brown to become an author. We also learned that the sequel to The Wild Robot  is the Wild Robot Escapes and it is about Roz escaping from the factory. Then he drew Roz for us and signed it!

From Peter Brown's website I learned:

Peter Brown said about writing: “So, I wrote my first children’s novel. It wasn’t a graceful process, but I survived the stress and the solitude and the crippling self-doubt, and now my novel is about to enter the world. It’s called The Wild Robot. If you have a few minutes I’d like to tell you about it.” 







Peter brown went to 11 schools besides Patton and the AHML in the evening.