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About Henry Cole

By: Chelsea G. and Anna C.

Henry Cole came to our school because the whole school of Patton read A Nest for Celeste and that is one of the books that he wrote and illustrated. He came to our school as part of our One Book, One Patton program and spoke to us and even drew Celeste for us.

Here is more about Henry Cole:

Henry Cole taught himself to draw! He grew up on a farm in Purcellville, Virginia. He’s always been interested in art and science, and he went to Virginia Tech and studied forestry. Henry liked to use close observation of nature for his drawings. For awhile he taught science in elementary school. His books not only have great and detailed drawings they also are funny and entertaining. When he talked to us at Patton, he told us that he also had a pet that was a little field mouse named Sammy Shine. His brother invents things so he invented a ship for Sammy and they tried to go across the big lake but the ship sank almost to shore then his brother jumped in and saved Sammy. Later his brother invented a plane and it was for Sammy and it crashed. Then his brother invented a hot air balloon for Sammy. It floated away. Sammy was never to be seen again.