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By: Jayden U. Tegan RB, and Rylee F.

The auditions for the 5th grade play, SHREK, were VERY packed and also came with a lot of anxiety and stress. They were also fun and different. We want to thank the 5th grade teachers Mrs. Goumas, Mrs. Anderle, Mrs. Rusch, Mr. Morkert, and our music teacher  Mr. Whitaker.  Here's the results of our audtion - the two casts of SHREK!

Blue castWhite cast


Christian O

Matthew M

Princess Fiona

Mary L

Shyla S

Young Fiona

Mallory M

Teen Fiona

Zoe K

Lord Farquaad

Ryan K

Mateus S


Vikki K

Ryan A


Kelsey E

Ani K


Emerson P

Stefan R

Gingerbread Man

Jay J

Rylee F

Mama Ogre

Kaitlyn S

Papa Ogre

Michal N

Three little pigs

Gracie L

Sophie U

Sophia C

The Ugly duckling

Samantha F

Mama Bear

Kate C

Papa Bear

Ryan F

Baby Bear

Kayla S

Wicked Witch of the west

Eva S

The Big Bad Wolf

Drew W

Peter Pan

Yukki J

Mad Hatter

Teagan RB

Puss In Boots

Andy M

Fairy Godmother

Nicole T

White Rabbit

Elizabeth S

Humpty Dumpty

Aiden K

Sugar Plum Fairy

Teagen L

Pied Piper

Ryan D


Lucas M


Evan D

Story Tellers

Clara M

Ben M

Captain of the Guards

Ethan G

Duloc Guards

Andrew N

Jake V

Jonathan S

Isaac S

Elias G

Tim S

Nikhil D

Carter M


Pied Piper’s Rats

Megan R

Owen S

Shai Z

Jack F

Heidi F

Jack G

Kaylee F

Ben T



Madie F

Izabella R

Tommy B

Eva T

Avery G

Will C

Kevin E

Duloc Performers

Anna C

Morgan O

Vicky V

Erin A

Ava B

Keira G

Grace G

Atalya K

Addison P

Kimara H

Emily S

Sound Master

Anna M

Sean W

Props Master

Jayden U

Eliana S

Stage Crew

Cullen J

Camille T

Johna P

Danica B

Stone F

Zach K

Kanon F

Jacob H

March Book Madness At Patton

By: Abigail and Evie         

Here at Patton School, there is a book contest every March. It is like the college basketball March Madness tournament but with books. Every student gets to vote for their favorite book from the books chosen by the LMC. There are 4 weeks of voting. Kindergarten through 3rd grade gets to vote for their age group books. And grades 3rd through 5th get to vote for the chapter books they read. There is a series books tournament too, where there is favorite series you can vote for. Each tournament started with 16 books called the “Sweet 16” that are the books that have been checked out the most this year. The books are then paired up against each other and kids get to vote for their favorite one of each pair. The books that get the most votes move on to the next week, which is the Elite 8.  Then it goes to the Final 4 books after spring break and then down to 2, and then one Grade 3-5 Champion, one K-3 champion and one Series Champion. Don't forget to vote!