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Do Kind Afternoon

By: Jayden

On Friday afternoon, January 26, we stopped regular classes to rotate to different places and make a service project. We were trying to be kind to people outside of Patton school. We had a very kind afternoon. Everything was amazing, 2nd and 4th graders made beautiful fleece scarves for the homeless, some student made dog toys that were super cool, origami bookmarks were awesome, the Valentines for servicemen cards were so thoughtful, and the placemats were amazon. We hope everyone had a fun, and kind afternoon. Thank you to everyone who donated something to help us make a kind project. Take a look at our service projects!

Patton’s Food Drive

By:Megan and Gracie

On Monday, January 29, Patton School Student Council started a food drive for Journeys, The Road Home. You could bring in any canned food items from that day, until Friday, February 9. The food had to be food that does not spoil. The food is getting dropped off at  Journeys, The Road Home’s for their shelter program. All week students brought in food and the student council collected it and put it in grocery carts by the office. Then they box it up to take it to Journey's. Journey's gives "shelter, services and housing to those who are homeless or​ at risk of becoming homeless in suburban Cook County." You can find out more about it and even volunteer with your family at:

This Friday (the 9th) was the last day to bring in food, so we tried to bring in as many cans of food as possible. In order to do that, we added a crazy hair day. If you wanted crazy hair, you had to bring in at least 3 cans of food. It worked and we almost doubled the amount of food that we brought in the past few weeks. Monday after school some families with Mrs. Koenig and Mr. Morkert brought all the food boxes to Journey's and they were thrilled!