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4th grade Explorer Project

By: Kaitlyn

and Eva S

 In fourth grade we are finally getting to do

a REAL BIG project. Our project is on explorers. All the explorers sailed on ships from Europe to explore and find a new land, America.

We get to research an explorer, take notes on guiding questions, and then write a paper, and then either make a "Explorẻrmon" card or Google Tour or a graphic novel in the Book Creator iPad app. Some of the explorers are, Columbus, DeLeon, Smith, Coronado, Magellan, Balboa and Cook.              

The four classes have split into two groups that share explorers and resources. Some explorers that Cioni and Salsinger's class have are Balboa, Cook, De Leon, Columbus, Champlain, Vespucci, Hudson, Verrazano, La Salle, and Coronado. From Mrs.Ferguson and Mr.Hahn’s class some explorers are Magellan, Smith, Da Gama, Cortez, and Drake.

If you were ever wondering what fourth grade has been doing during social studies this is it, I hope that you can learned some new explorers you hadn’t heard of. (Our papers are now up in the halls, near the fourth grade classrooms. Please feel free to read them.)

March Madness

     By: Megan, Kayla, and Gracie

For Patton's March Madness, we have 3 book contests, one for K-3, 3-5, and the series competition. Last week everyone voted for the Sweet 16 books in each contest and then this week before spring break we voted on the Elite Eight books that will decide the Final Four! Then two, etc. until we get to one champion right after spring break! This is set up just like the NCAA college basketball March Madness tournament. Check out the brackets of books on the wall outside the LMC or online at the LMC site -March Madness page.

Megan wants: The Buddy Files Series, Please Write in this Book, and All the Answers to win,

and Kayla wants the same books but

Gracie wants: The Buddy File Series, Judy Moody, and Fish in a Tree.

What books do you want to win? Don't forget to vote and then find out this week winner's on the website @!


Grade 3-5