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 By: Collin

Have you heard about the Patton Club Techsperts? If you haven’t they do fun things with kids and help the school. Sometimes they meet after school to learn and practice on the computer and iPad. One thing they do is Scratch Jr. Then other times they have lunch early and have to skip 2 shifts of recess to share and teach things they learned on the iPads to first and second graders like using the Osmo. We might also teach them how to code Scratch Jr, or how to use the app Pic Collage. We also sometimes go and clean up the iPads and computers in different classrooms which really helps the school. Techsperts is for 3rd 4th and 5th graders. To join next year, first you put your name on a piece of paper to say you are interested and then your teacher chooses two students to be Techsperts from your class. I highly recommend this club if you like helping other students and like technology!

Poem in

Your Pocket Day

By: Erin

On Poem in your Pocket day we either write a poem or take one from a book and put it in an origami pocket or your own pocket. You can make the origami pocket though you do not have to, but your poem has to be appropriate. This event happens in April because that is the month of poetry. By the way, when you write your own poetry you don’t have to use correct punctuation.

The idea of Poem in Your Pocket day began in 2002 when the mayor of New York City announced that as a celebration for poetry month they should do a Poem in your Pocket day. Then in 2008 the  Academy of American Poets  invited everyone from all over the world to join in.  So this year Patton School held theirs on Wednesday April 24. All that day there were announcements on the loud speaker that it was time to share your poem , and some staff or teachers read poems, including Mr. Larson on morning announcements, and at lunch, everyone who wanted to could share their poem on the microphone. Take a look!