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The Reveal of it

By: Sara

On 9-27-2019, Patton school had an assembly at the end of the day, and we saw a video that the author of BOB had made JUST FOR PATTON! Then everybody went back to their classrooms, and got their copy of BOB by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead. The Patton LMC website has a link for BOB, made by Ms. Melamed. A link to the Patton LMC website is here: for more information about the book and activities

Patton LMC website HERE 

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One Book, One School 2019 

By: Darlene and Eddie

This year our entire school and families are reading Bob by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead. We read with our family every night. You go to the LMC website to see the  Chapters to read each week.   We also do trivia at school and we talk about it in class. Then we are going to meet with the authors by Skyping with them when we finish the book. These are the activities we are doing with the book in school: Learning about the authors, using Ozobots to get Livy to Australia and Bob, solving clues about the plot, character and vocabulary for an Escape Room, and drawing Bob. Mrs Maloney made a video of how to draw Bob on the LMC Bob page.  

Here’s a little about the story. Bob is a green character who has lived in a closet waiting for Livy to come back to visit her gran. In the closet he built a lego pirate ship. Next he read the comics and a dictionary. Next he napped, some lasting weeks. Then he cried only 2 times. And he thought about if Livy forgot about him. Livy comes back after 5 years! She is going to help Bob find his home and find out what Bob is and what his magic can do.