Fifth grade students in District 25 created book trailers to recommend their favorite books. A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers. Its purpose is to build interest in a novel and to encourage people to want to read it. These book trailers were created using several different mediums including iMovie, Animoto and Spark Video. 

Schools paired up for students to view other school's trailers and rate them using the rubric below. The top trailers from each school will then be viewed by District administrative personnel who will choose the official winner's from each school. 

How the Book Trailers Are Rated:
 The Message –How well is the book’s message or idea portrayed? Do you understand what it is about? The Hook – How well does the trailer capture the audience’s attention from the beginning, and encourage the viewer to read the book by the end. Technical – The quality of the photos, soundtrack, and editing/transitions of the book trailer.