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Renee Ritter

Room No. 303
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Steven Huber

Room No. 304
(208) 624-3416 ext 3304

 Our Mission
 The South Fremont High School Counselors strongly believe that education plays an important role in the development and enhancement of every student to become productive citizens in the community. The counseling program is committed to providing students equal access to all academic programs and student support services. Our goal is to implement a proactive and preventative program that supports student achievement in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development, with an emphasis in assisting students in the attainment of their post-secondary goals.
School Improvement Goal 
    The school counseling program is committed to serve as social justice advocates, eliminate the achievement gap, and maintain accountability in efforts on ensuring success for all students as we evaluate available services and programs to assist every student to remain in the classroom for optimum academic achievement. 
    Dahir C., Stone, C. (2009). School counselor accountability: The path to social justice and systemic change. Journal of Counseling and Development, 87, 12-20.