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Important Information
The cost of lunch for learners is $3.25 and $4.25 for adults.  This includes a hot or cold lunch, salad bar and ice water.
The menu for the upcoming weeks can be found on the "menu" tab above.
We accept debit and credit cards at the point of sale. You can use a checking or savings account (with a routing and account number) on myschoolaccount.com
Students are given a 4 or 5 digit pin to remember.  When it is their turn at a cashier, they punch it in and their account will be displayed.  This should really help our lines move faster.  We will help the little kiddos until they remember their numbers. 
 If your learner has food allergies, we need advance notice if they are purchasing lunch so we can prepare food that is safe for them to eat.  If they eat lunch every day, we will just make sure to have lunch ready for them.  If they order irregularly, please email us the day before so we have something ready for them.  If it is an emergency, email the café by 9am the day of, and we will make sure to have food for your learner on that day too.
If you are new to the school or have a incoming Kindergartener, email The Café at café@scvi-k12.org.  We can answer any questions you may have!
In order to keep our accounts current, learners will be allowed two lunches on credit or a maximum of $10 before they are not able to purchase anything on credit any longer.  If you want to put restrictions on your learner's account, please email café@scvi-k12.org.
The Counter is the open window on the right side of The Cafe.  The Counter is open Monday through Thursday from 11-2 to learners and adults to purchase gourmet food items.  We offer terrific sandwiches, burgers and salads.  Prices range from $8-$14.  Come by for lunch.
We need volunteers to work in the kitchen and supervise during breaks and lunch.  And you get an awesome celebration brunch cooked by our chefs at the end of the year for volunteering!!  Isn't that reason enough?? Please email cafe@scvi-k12.org to get signed up.

Online Accounts:

Set up an online account for your learner and yourself at myschoolaccount.com. Students can pay for their snacks, breakfast, and/or lunch with their online accounts.  The cashiers will accept cash, checks, or credit/debit cards daily (brought directly to the café or put in the lunch mailbox in the lobby), but myschoolaccount.com allows you to put money in your learner's account via your checking or savings account. The fee is $2 to put money in, and you can put in as much as you want. You may also set up the account to e-mail you a reminder when funds are low.

Our computers do not sync until the evening.  Sometimes you may put money into your learner's account and we do not see the funds because of the sync happening after our lunch business.  If your student was told that they do not have any money in their account and you have put money in, we just can not see it yet.  We have not and will not turn down any learner if their account is negative from one or two lunches! 


An email is sent out weekly for accounts that are in the negative.  If you believe that this letter was sent in error, please email us.

E-mail juana.rodriguez@scvi-k12.org to find out your learner's ID number and PIN to set up the account online. Questions? E-mail cafe@scvi-k12.org.

Students Leaving SCVi

If your learner is leaving, you must pay your outstanding balance before the last day they attend SCVi.  If their account is in the positive, you have two weeks from their exit date to request a refund from their account.  Please email café@scvi-k12.org with your address, learners name and other pertinent info to request a refund.  After two weeks, the funds that are left in the account will go into another account to help pay for learners who can't afford lunch.

Your opinion counts!  Make sure to let us know what you like and don't like on our comment board.

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