Allow me to introduce myself; me llamo Profesor Gilbert and I teach Spanish at Rosemont High School in Sacramento, California. I am also a father & husband, a skateboarder, a photographer, and can pick a banjo! Here you will find information pertinent to the courses that I teach. My vision is to grow a classroom community that encourages the development of Spanish language acquisition as well as advance the awareness of the geography, contributions, & customs of the Spanish speaking world. 

Having lived in the Sacramento area for nearly my entire life, I genuinely believe that being bi-literate is an intrinsic part of California's identity; the ability of people to communicate and understand one another in more than one modality is something to be supported, celebrated, and shared. I feel privileged to bring that vision to our community of learners and am honored to call myself a "Rosemont Wolverine." 

For the 2019-2020 school year, I will be teaching five sections of Spanish 2 and I look forward to helping our community of learners continue their journey to becoming multi-lingual. 

Rosemont High School
Home of the Wolverines!
"You don't stop skateboarding because you get old. You get old because you stop skateboarding."

-Jay Adams
Photo by Mrs. Gilbert