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Research Program
I have two primary research programs, both involving the role of stimuli in controlling behavior.  I am also involved in the experimental analysis of teaching and learning in the college classroom.

Angela & Jesslyn present at SQAB May 2015.

Experimental Analysis of Behavior
My research focuses on stimulus control, choice behavior, conditioned reinforcement, and persistence.  My primary goal for this research line is to understand the fundamental learning processes. [LEARNING LAB]

Memory & Aging
Working with both older adults and college-aged adults, Dr. Simone and I study environmental factors that affect remembering.  The ultimate goal is to identify strategies for successful remembering.  [MEMORY & AGING LAB]

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SONA link for Intro Psyc students.

Video series on How to Get the Most Out of Studying on YouTube by Dr. Stephen L. Chu of Samford University is well worth your time.
I regularly teach Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1), Statistics (PSYC 40), & Learning (PSYC 130).  I also teach a number of other courses, although somewhat less frequently, including Ways of Knowing (PSYC 50), Ethics in Psychology (PSYC 114), Autism (PSYC 164), & Advanced Topics in Learning (PSYC 132).

I use empirically-demonstrated teaching methods and regularly evaluate the effect of those methods in my own classes.

I typically advise about 40 psychology majors. I encourage you to contact me with questions about the major and the discipline of psychological science or behavior analysis.

Psychology Department
Santa Clara University

Tel: 408.554.2738
Fax: 408.554.5241

I'm a behavior analyst with a firm belief in, and support of, social justice issues.
"The AAUP's purpose is to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good."
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