Local Scholarship Application - NEW APPLICATION COMING FEB. 2020

The Local Scholarship Application is an application provided by Strongsville High School in which students can apply to multiple scholarships through one application up until to a specific deadline. After that deadline date, a committee designated by the high school comes together and anonymously selects students for specific scholarships. The sponsors of these scholarships are then informed of the student(s) selected for their scholarship. Other scholarship sponsors may decide to select their own recipients and inform the school of their decision.  Last year, the organizations that generously offered scholarships provided over $120,000 to our students who applied through the Local Scholarship Application.

What Scholarships Are Included?

Organizations whose scholarships are included through the Strongsville Local Scholarship Application: Brooke Bossman Memorial (1), Carole L. Maatz Music (1), David MacDowell Memorial (1), Denise Popernack Celebration of Life (1), George Setterfield Memorial (1), Kailee Mayher Memorial (2), Matthew J. Gritti Memorial (1), Muraski Student Council (1), Paul Kirchner Soccer Scholarship (2), PTA - Drake (1), Surrarrer (1), Chapman (1), Kinsner (1), Muraski (1), Whitney (1), SMS (1), SHS - 504/IEP (1), SHS (1), Strongsville Council PTA (6), Ryan Cleveland Memorial (1), Strongsville Athletic Boosters (1), Strongsville Education Foundation (3), Strongsville Women's League (1), Edna Brun (1), Sylvester R. Zellers Memorial (1), & SHS Yearbook Scholarship (1).

Organizations whose scholarships are included but require students to apply via the organization's individual application: Arts in Strongsville, Hudec Dental (Relax. Smile. Serve.), Kiwanis Club, OAPSE Local 290, Strongsville Chamber of Commerce, Strongsville Council PTA Positive Behavior, SEAC (Stephanie Scholtz), Strongsville Education Foundation (Samantha Archer Memorial), Strongsville Optimist Club, Strongsville Rotary Foundation, Strongsville United Methodist Church, VFW Post 3345

How Do I know If I'm Eligible?

Each scholarship has their own unique set of criteria. However, some scholarships have no requirements to apply, and as such, every senior should be applying to these scholarships. Below are the criteria for each scholarship.  Each student must decide which scholarships he/she is eligible for when applying.

**CLICK HERE**  Scholarship Requirements  **CLICK HERE**

How do I apply?

Check back February 2020

h**CLICK HERE** Local Scholarship Application **CLICK HERE**

How Do I Know If I Received a Scholarship

If a student is selected to receive a scholarship, that student will be notified at least one week prior to Senior Salute (May 14, 2020).  However, the student will not be informed of the scholarship or amount received until the Senior Salute ceremony. All students who receive a scholarship will be expected to write a "Thank You" note to the organization.