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Priesthood Retreat, Camp Ozark
Sixty-four persons including four cooks attended the retreat
September 29 and 30, 2018. Thanks to Marvin Harper, Tom Allen, Burris Rader and Kim Sewell for serving as cooks. Thanks to Diana Martin for her music ministry and to Leslie Brooks as business manager. Thanks to presenters Humberto Tinsman, Vivian Davidson, Bill Carlile, Ted Tinsman, Bob Mcdermid, Terry Robison and Terry McDermid. Photo: Vivian Davidson

Women's Retreat at Camp Ozark "wonderful," "touching," "blessed"

ShirleyAnn Wilson
The retreat April 13 to 15, 2018 at Ozark Camp and Retreat Center was wonder
ful. Our theme was "Revive Our Hearts. We had fewer women this year due to schedules and illness. They were certainly missed.
High Priest Joan Primm, Mission Center Presidency, was an excellent guest speaker. She not only taught us, she participated in our other activities, including our talent show. We were also blesses to have the men cook and clean for us. We sure appreciate them.

The next retreat is the last weekend of April 2019.

Cheryl Henning
Those who chose to attend this year's Women's Retreat were richly blessed. Joan Primm did a great job in helping us to Revive Our Hearts. We were able to see God's hand in the preparation of so much of the weekend. Sunday's two sessions were so touching. God had certainly gone before and prepared the way. Thanks also goes to the men who prepared our meals and even did the dishes!! Thanks to all who were part of a fantastic experience. Photo: ShirleyAnn Wilson


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Stepping Out in Faith
By Myra Sutherland, Pastor
Mountain Home Congregation

We stepped out in faith with an activity that probably isn’t common among our congregations. We decided to run a television commercial.

Our congregation was part of Leading Congregations in Mission pilot program. No longer a pilot, LCM explores new forms of congregational leadership to help congregations and individuals embody and live Christ’s mission. It provides training workshops, retreats, printed materials, videos, and other resources.  

I downloaded the LCM 60-second television commercial   ( and showed it to our congregation. We decided to move forward. I called The Ozarks CW cable channel, Springfield, Missouri, and learned we could be on TV even though we are a small congregation and did not have much money to spend. A station sales representative said we could reduce costs if we ran a 30-second commercial. Bryce Veazey, videographer at International Headquarters, edited the commercial to thirty seconds. The congregation watched the shortened commercial and said, “Let’s do it!” Our commercial runs three days a week for three months.

This was a special opportunity to let others know Community of Christ better. The commercial has not been on long but other church members told me it was a great commercial and thanked us.

Our hope is that other congregations will step out in faith and put the commercial on their local stations. Our congregation may be small but we are willing to follow God’s leadings. If several congregations will work together, they can combine their funds and make it happen. The church commercial is a wonderful tool, professionally made to help others to see who we are. 

For more on Leading Congregations in Mission, go to, or contact Coordinator Rob Borkowski,, 816-833-1000 extension 2245. 

Photo: Some members of Mountain Home Congregation, courtesy Myra Sutherland. Photographer unknown.


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Christ's mission of compassion 
Fayetteville Congregation Engages Congregants

By Craig Updyke, Pastor

A recent guest speaker was from the Seven Hills homeless shelter in Fayetteville. The congregation was engaged and we got some good feedback from members and friends. We had a large display of items we were getting ready to contribute to the shelter.

Our congregation has been contributing to the shelter for the past twelve years. We have a better understanding of how these resources are used and how they impact the lives of needy persons.


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