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Pumpkin Patch at Chapel for Peace Raised $1,609 
Thanks to our volunteers who worked so hard to make this special activity a huge success. Dozens of members and friends pitched in to unload pumpkins from a tractor-trailer and place them onto the front yard of the church, set up the canopies, tables and hay bales, and staff the sales booth. Thanks to all who stopped in to buy, say hello and wish us well. Profits will help send Chapel for Peace youth to International Youth Festival and Spectacular next summer. Pumpkin Patch photo by Wayne Groner

Online Priesthood Courses Available

The English version PDFs are available for purchase through Herald House. Students and teachers can download the courses by paying a $15 fee. The fee includes Temple School credit for the course.


Courses available from Herald House are:
Ministry of the Deacon

Ministry of the Teacher

Ministry of the Priest

Ministry of the Elder

Introduction to Priesthood Ministry

Instructor Guidelines (available under Resources & Guidelines)  


The courses are available at: Ministry & Priesthood Courses  

There is also a short video to help instructors understand how new courses are designed to be taught differently than traditional Temple School courses. This video highlights the “active learning” approach used in creating the lessons. Here is a link to the video: Teach the Teacher.


vite People to Christ

Christ's mission of evangelism

Stepping Out in Faith
By Myra Sutherland, Pastor
Mountain Home Congregation

We stepped out in faith with an activity that probably isn’t common among our congregations. We decided to run a television commercial.

Our congregation was part of Leading Congregations in Mission pilot program. No longer a pilot, LCM explores new forms of congregational leadership to help congregations and individuals embody and live Christ’s mission. It provides training workshops, retreats, printed materials, videos, and other resources.  

I downloaded the LCM 60-second television commercial   ( and showed it to our congregation. We decided to move forward. I called The Ozarks CW cable channel, Springfield, Missouri, and learned we could be on TV even though we are a small congregation and did not have much money to spend. A station sales representative said we could reduce costs if we ran a 30-second commercial. Bryce Veazey, videographer at International Headquarters, edited the commercial to thirty seconds. The congregation watched the shortened commercial and said, “Let’s do it!” Our commercial runs three days a week for three months.

This was a special opportunity to let others know Community of Christ better. The commercial has not been on long but other church members told me it was a great commercial and thanked us.

Our hope is that other congregations will step out in faith and put the commercial on their local stations. Our congregation may be small but we are willing to follow God’s leadings. If several congregations will work together, they can combine their funds and make it happen. The church commercial is a wonderful tool, professionally made to help others to see who we are. 

For more on Leading Congregations in Mission, go to, or contact Coordinator Rob Borkowski,, 816-833-1000 extension 2245. 

Photo: Some members of Mountain Home Congregation, courtesy Myra Sutherland. Photographer unknown.


bolish Poverty, End Suffering
Christ's mission of compassion

Testimony of My Jail Ministry 

By Blanche Trudell, Pastor

Stockton Congregation


One Sunday in May of 2015, we had a visitor from Springfield, Missouri, in our congregation. It so happened we had a guest minister and a potluck dinner, so we invited her to join us. She told us she couldn’t stay long as she had another appointment. I helped her with her meal as she was handicapped. She said she came to Stockton to visit her brother who was in jail because Springfield didn’t have room for all their inmates. I accompanied her to the jail, but they wouldn’t let me see her brother as they had appointments. They said I could come back to see him on the next Tuesday, which I did, and we talked for about 25 minutes.


When his sister came to visit the next time I took communion to him, but because I didn’t have an appointment, they told me to bring it back to him on Tuesday. They had church ministry every Tuesday and I could go in with other ministers. I was invited to help with the ministry. I took enough emblems to serve four people, as I planned to take communion to another shut-in. Eight young men were at the service. I explained communion, and that we had open communion to all who were baptized. I divided the bread and served all the inmates. The other ministers asked me if I could help with the services, as they were short-handed. That is how I got started with our jail ministry. The Stockton Congregation set up money in our budget for the ministry.


I go every other week on Tuesday and meet with two or three groups of inmates. I’m not allowed to go into the service without a man with me, as the inmates are all men. My assistant pastor Jerry Sullivan goes with me, if he doesn’t have to work. My husband Joe goes when Jerry can’t come. Sometimes we have eight to ten inmates attend. We have seen as many as 37 in one day. We read a scripture, sing a song, bear our testimony and have a prayer circle. We also give Bibles, stamped envelopes so they can write home, and inexpensive reading glasses because the Bibles usually are small print. Several men have said they will attend our church when they get out, but none has yet. I helped some young men into drug rehabilitation. 


One of the young men said we inspired him to write a poem, based on the scriptures. Below is his poem, with his spelling, punctuation, and scriptures.




By Shawn K. Cheffey


There will come a day that I will die,   

I’ll go to court up in the Sky.

I’ll stand accused of all my sins.

If I’m found guilty, Satin wins! 

God’s the Judge with his angels the jury.

Satin is the prosecutor, and he’s in a fury,

For this is a case HE thought He won.

But My Lawyer you see is God’s only Son!

His name is Jesus, I’m sure you know,

His head of hair is like wool, white as snow.

You can tell he’s not playing in his eyes,

He’s not a lawyer, that you can buy,

In this next verse I will tell you why!


Jesus was sent to save us all!! 

Put down your sins and give Him a call,

In this day, In court, let him tell your story,

And you’ll have eternal life, everlasting,

In all of God’s Glory! AMEN!


(Revelation-1:14 (vision of the son of man)

The hairs of his head were like wool, white as snow,

His eyes were like a flame of fire.


(John 3:16-18) For God so loved the world that he

 gave his only son that whoever believes in Him shall

not parish, but have eternal life, for GOD did not

send his son into the world to condemn the world.

But in order that the world be saved through him.

Photo of Blanche Trudell courtesy the author.


Experience Congregations in
Equip congregations for Christ's Mission
Caraway Congregation Helps Recovering Addicts
By Gary Earnhart

At our congregation we struggled with what we could do to fulfill the mission initiatives, until I let a friend talk me into going to a Celebrate Recovery (CR) meeting in Jonesboro. I saw and heard how lives were being rescued from addictions, abuse and other issues. I found out that there wasn't a CR in our area, even though there was plenty of need for one.

We met on a Wednesday night and felt God wanted us to do this. We felt like if we helped just one person it would be worth it. We have been holding these meetings for two-and-a-half years years and have definitely helped more than one person, plus it has done wonders for our congregation. We no longer are just having church and going home. We are making an impact on our community.

In this journey I have knelt and prayed with, ate with, and became friends with ex-addicts, current addicts, ex-dealers, the abused, and the abusers and the bruised and brokenhearted. I have witnessed healing, tears of joy, new life, and God's amazing grace. Some attending CR have started coming to church with us, and a few became members. All became brothers and sisters.

Everyone has much to contribute if they can break their chains. Like every program, some haven't made it, but we tried and will continue to try to help them. It's been a wild ride, and I have never felt more like I was walking with Jesus.

Crossroads Congregation Making a Difference in Communities
By Margie Miller

Every year when school is about to start, Crossroads members buy backpacks and school supplies for children whose parents are low income. We also provide school supply closets. We have done this for ten years.

Our next regular project will be the shoe box project which begins in November.  


For eight years, Crossroads has provided dessert cakes every other week for the First Christian Church in Independence, Kansas, for their regular Tuesday evening free dinners for low income or lonely people. Crossroads is not large enough to do such dinners ourselves, but are very able to provide the dessert cakes.


At Christmastime, we provide gifts for a low income family’s children. We get the family’s names from the Salvation Army.

Photo: Crossroads members with some of the students and their backpacks. By Margie Miller.   

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