2016 Summer eLearning

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Summer eLearning Groups
This summer all Seymour Community School staff will have the opportunity to participate in professional development.  We have organized the PD sessions under the following categories:

  • Admin:  Principals/Assistant Principals/Directors
  • Admin. Assistants:  K-12 Secretaries
  • 1:1:   Year 1: Grades 5   Year 2: 7,8 and high school
  • K-12:  All K-12 Certified Staff 
  • Classified:   All classified staff
    (aides, library, instructional assistants...)
  • New Staff:  Certified staff hired May or June 2016
Please click on the link associated with your group to view all of the PD sessions options available to you this summer.

Summer eLearning Calendar
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Each summer Seymour Community School Corporation strives to provide a robust professional development program for all staff.  This summer is no exception. 

There will be five strands:  (calendar spreadsheet)

1. Technology 1:1 Training  (Title II, A)

2. Federal Programs

3. Special Education  (Title II, A)

4. Curriculum  (Title II, A)

5. Classified Training

 · All staff must be signed up by the end of the day on Friday, April 29, 2016.

· Through Title II, A funds, each certified staff member can be paid for up to 5 days.  Each classified staff member 2 days.

Through Federal Programs, there is an opportunity for up to three paid days.

Stipend:  $120 per day