This site has been developed to be utilized by all who are interested in following and contributing to our progress towards creating a working partnership between the forestry community, public water and waste water utilities and other interested public and private sectors such as agriculture and Municipalities for the protection of water quality and the sustainability of working forests.

We will use this site to create and edit documents, project proposals and presentations.  Partners can share research material and other resources such as funding opportunities.  If there are project deadlines, working group meetings or grant proposal due dates they can be added to the Calendar.  Partners contact information can be easily accessed.  A blog type feature entitled Discussion can be used for ongoing correspondence in regards to projects, ideas or concerns.  Finally, if there is something of particular importance the Announcement feature can be used to spread word in one easy step to all collaborating partners.

Customizing Notifications to your email...
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Presentations and working documents. 


Future meetings, workshops and deadlines.  


Name, organization and contact information of partners. 


Real time conversations on projects, ideas or concerns at hand.


Important and time sensitive information to be distributed to all collaborating partners.


Research, studies, models, links and funding opportunities.