Decramastic Tile Roofs

This type of roof is a lightweight metal tile with a chip surface.

The roof is water blasted with a turbo blast nozzle at 3500psi. This will remove all moss, lichen, algae, dirt from the surface of the tiles. Guttering will be left clean of any dirt or grit. 

The roof is then sterilised to kill spores from fungus, lichen and moss regrowth. 

The tiles are then checked for damage and loose nails. We will repair the roof where necessary. Worst bent tiles are popped up as these have dents allowing water to pool. We DO NOT replace tiles.

The bare metal is then primed with an oil based primer.

Option 1: A coating of chips is applied over the entire roof. The roof is then sprayed with one matt acrylic colour top coat (to the colour of your choice).

                                                                                  Option 2: The tiles are then sprayed with one colored acrylic high built base coat (which is similar to a consistency of porridge). The tiles are finally sprayed with one matt acrylic top coat (to the colour of your choice).