Concrete Tile Roofs
The roof is water blasted with a turbo nozzle at 4000psi. This will remove all moss, lichen, algae and dirt from the surface of the tiles and loose mortar from your ridging. Guttering will be left clean of any dirt or grit. 

The roof is then sterilised to kill spores from fungus, lichen and moss regrowth. 

The tiles are checked for damage such as cracks or blow holes and are then repaired or replaced if necessary. The pointing and bedding on your hips and ridge cappings are repaired or replaced.  

Then, a liberal slurry compound is painted over your ridge system. 
The tiles are then sprayed with one coat of acrylic roof penetrated sealer and a second coat of coloured acrylic high build base coat (which is similar to a consistency of porridge). 

The tiles are finally sprayed, for a third time, with a pigmented coloured glaze coat (high gloss) in a colour of your choice.