Moss Kill - 100% Guaranteed

If you allow moss and lichen to build up on your roof the spores get into the substrate. Moss and lichen slowly strip away your roof paint or stone chips leaving the porous concrete or steel roof exposed. It can then continue to dig deeper into the substrate creating leaks and cracks in your tiles.

Our environmental friendly anti-moss treatment is a proven safe and effective way to remove years of built-up lichen, moss and algae from your concrete tile, stone chip or iron roof. Our moss treatment will not harm your surrounding plants (unless directly sprayed on to vegetation) After application the treatment will immediately kill all lichen, moss, algae and moulds. If left to the weather it may take 6 to 12 months to finally clean- up. The anti-moss treatment we use will ensure maximum results and minimum regrowth. Your roof will be protected from moss regrowth for at least 2 years.

We also moss treat:

Fences, Decks, Driveways, Gutters, Outdoor Furniture, Walls, Oamaru Stone and Summer hill Stone

For all the jobs we do, we have strong Health and Safety rules and regulations.