Swimming Pools

Just like a home, pools need to be kept updated, healthy, aesthetically appealing and they need to perform their purpose well.

With our extensive experience, high quality workmanship and advanced pool finishes, we have the knowledge to complete every job the right way in a cost-effective manner for our customers.

We restore: Concrete Pools, Steel Pools & Fiberglass Pools
Our repair service for swimming pools includes:

                                            ·   high pressure water blasting

                                            · dust free - wet sandblasting

                                            · expansion joint repairs and replacements

                                            · repairs of cracked and leaking pool walls and floors

                                            · pool coatings (with your choice of colour)

We source the latest technology of Epoxy pool coatings.
These coatings make the pool easier to clean and are much more effective than chlorinated rubber coatings. Chlorinated rubber coatings are very uneconomical as they erode and bubble within a period of approximately three months, therefore they need to be reapplied and will eventually flake off (within 10 years).

Mobile Blast is your specialist for: Residential Pools, Commercial Pools and School Pools

Blasting information:
When preparing the pool for the new coatings we will either use high pressure water blasting or wet sand blasting.
Wet sand blasting is the preferred method to minimise dust and contamination to the air. Crushed glass is used as it is ideal to remove thick rubbery coatings. It also contains NO free silica and is non-toxic.
Other Features:
  • The pool surroundings will be left clean and tidy when finished.
  • No mess left behind.
  • We work with our own "Self-Sufficient" mobile blast unit.
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction.