Services at Hi-Tech Blasting 2012

Our reputation comes from using the correct blasting service for durable and long lasting paint finishes. We have the full range of Blasting Medias: Sodium, Crushed Glass, Garnet, Aluminum Oxide and Glass beads. At Hi Tech Blasting 2012 our experience and state of the art equipment enables us to work on all types of vehicles and equipment including: tractors, trucks, cars & industrial steelwork. We specialise in high quality restoration work on vintage vehicles and classic cars. We are industrial painting professionals and offer the full service from primer to final painted finish. We have paint systems to meet all standards and technical requirements.

Blasting Media

  • Crushed Glass Blasting
    • This method of cleaning removes all foreign matter from metal, such as scale, corrosion, paint, carbon and epoxy
    • The process of glass blasting produces a beneficial effect of improving the surface finish of cast, machined or rough surface components
    • Environmentally safe: the glass used in the process is recycled glass
    • Polish glass blasting is excellent for car panels and leaves a smooth profile finish and is also used to etch blast to existing paint finishers


    Garnet Blasting

    • Angular shaped mineral abrasive
    • Produces a rough, uniform, matte finish with a sharp texture
    • For profiling, cleaning, and the removal of paint, corrosion, rust, scale
    • Various size grades are available for specific requirements

  • Sodium Blasting

    • Sodium bicarbonate is used as a blast media to clean and strip most surfaces using a high volume but low pressure-blasting machine
    • The soda serves as a mild abrasive that will remove or etch paint
    • For surfaces that require de-painting, rust removal, paint etching, or other surface preparation; used to clean and deodorize fire and smoke damage
    • Environmentally safe

    Glass Bead Blasting

    • Glass Bead Blasting is used when a fine surface finish is required - such as restoration of car
    • Bead blasting produces a much smoother and brighter finish than angular abrasives.
    • Deburring, peening, cleaning, surface preparation, texturising and finishing are achieved with Bead blasting.
    • There is no dimensional change to the metal surface.
    • Glass bead blasting leaves no embedded contaminates or residue.
    • This process smoothes away any surface defects. You will be able to see every dent, stretch mark, file stroke, and every stroke of sand paper.

    Glass Bead Blasting is surface finishing of Non Ferrous materials such as;

      • Stainless steel
      • Aluminium
      • Brass
      • Bronze
      • Copper
      • Acrylic
      • Glass

    Media Images

  • Industrial Coatings


    •  We source the latest technology in paint and have a vast range of coatings to suit your needs
    • We are industrial painting professionals and offer the full service from primer to final painted finish.
    • We use carboline paint systems which are designed for our harsh New Zealand environment