Social Search

Social Search allows you to pull in Tweets, Facebook status updates, and moderated comments. You can access it from the list in the drop-down menu beside “Write.” Above the search box, three icons to choose from: Twitter, Facebook and Comments in Moderation.

To see a video demo of Social Search in action, you can view our Facebook or Twitter videos.

  • Publish the statuses you want by clicking the check mark.
  • Use this handy list of search operators to narrow your search and get the statuses you want.
  • The most recent tweets and Facebook statuses appear at the top of the list. Hit the search button to refresh the results.
  • Social Search only pulls in Facebook statuses that have been made public
  • Some Facebook status updates -- including events, groups, fan pages and wall photos -- are published as hyperlinks that take readers to the designated Facebook page.
  • Check out the commenter's Twitter or Facebook page via a drop-down menu underneath their username.