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  • Director of Scrabble® Club 276 since 1986 
  • NSA/NASPA Member since 1985
  • Occupation:  Retired-Advertising & Marketing
  • Interests include Scrabble®, painting,  computer graphics,  music, ping pong, theater, movies, creating memory DVD's....actually creating anything and everything...projects upon more projects! Canasta, Mah Jongg, reading, cooking, entertaining and enjoying the company of family and friends
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information:                                          
Favorite Quotes:   "When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."       
                                                 -William Arthur Ward-
"Every day is an opportunity to make a new  happy ending."


HOWARD PISTOL , Assistant Director


    Assistant Director-Emeritus

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1978
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since its inception
  • Occupation:  Land Developer
  • Interests include Scrabble® and blackjack tournaments
Favorite Quote:                                                
"May all your bingos be phoneys and may all your phoneys be "good."   -Larry P. Gradus-


Favorite Quote:  "The Best Play Rotten - The Rest Play Worse."   ~ Bob Hamman, Dallas Aces


  • Scrabble® Club #276 member since February 2009
  • Occupation: Retired and Part Time Teacher, NYS Teaching License N-6-Speech
  • Interests include Scrabble®, Dance, Theater, Reading, Writing, Swimming, Helping Community, Art-Member of Art Students League

JOANNE COHEN (snowbird)

  • NSA/NASPA Member since 1982 
  • Scrabble® Club #276 member since 2012
  • Occupation: Retired - Foreign Language Teacher
  • Interests include Scrabble®, travel and reading


  • NSA/NASPA member since 1995
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1997
  • Occupation:  Retired Attorney
  • Interests include Scrabble®, reading, traveling, grandkids,  getting together with cousins from all over the globe, Mensa, Nova Singers, crossword puzzles, volunteering in Israel, bird-watching, nature walks


  • NSA member since 1985
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since November 2018
  • Occupation:  Attorney (Retired)
  • Interests Include Scrabble®, Travel and Reading
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information - N/A


  • NSA member since 1985
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1985
  • Occupation:  Travel Agent
  • Interests Include Scrabble®, photography, world travel
  • NSA member since 2010
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since January 2012
  • Occupation:  Retired - Software Development Engineer
  • Other interests include Scrabble®, Line dancing, Games and Puzzles...and being a beach bum!
(very infrequent attendee)
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since January 2012
  • Occupation:  Retired - Professional Speaker
  • Received a standing ovation by 1,200 at Caesars Palace after a professional speaking engagement.
  • Only female stockcar driver at the South Florida speedway many years ago.
  • Other interests include Scrabble® and traveling throughout America.  Took off December 26, 2006 in van with mattress, hiking boots and laptop to see America.  "What an awesome country we live in!


  • NSA/NASPA member since 1979
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2016
  • Occupation:  Retired - High School MathTeacher
  • Interests include Scrabble®, Reading, TV, Sudoku, Travel
  • Special Awards:  Currently Los Angeles Club 44 Champion for 2017.  (Alan Stern's Club 44 is nicknamed the "Killer Club.")
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1992
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2016
  • Occupation:  Retired - Sales Rep with Father for Artist Canvases, Shuttle Driver
  • Interests include Scrabble®, Rock & Roll Trivia, Meteorology, Driving
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information


  • NSA/NASPA member since 1992
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2006
  • Occupation:  Scientific Research Sales Rep
  • Interests include Scrabble®
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information
  • Favorite quote:  “Remember, wherever you go...there you are!"

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1987
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2006
  • Occupation:  Retired - Optometrist
  • Interests include Scrabble®, Biking, Gym, Canasta, Mah Jongg, Philadelphia Eagles Season Ticket Holder for 40 years!
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information


  • NSA/NASPA member since 1989
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since mid 1980's
  • Occupation:  Attorney
  • Interests include Scrabble®, ACLU, history walking tours, reading history, politics, biography, eating--then working out at the gym
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information
  • Favorite quote:  “Be careful what you wish for-you might get it."  

NOEL LIVERMORE  (infrequent attendee)
  • NSA/NASPA member since 1987
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since Sept.  2010
  • Occupation:  Real Estate
  • Interests include Scrabble®, photography, ping pong and travel
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information
  • Favorite quote:  “Our limitations are our real opponents."  ~Noel Livermore-



  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2002
  • Member of Scrabble® Club 276 since: 2002

  • Occupation:  Jack of all trades, master of none (literally); Currently unemployed (but subject to change without notice)

  • Interests include Scrabble®,  creating other word puzzles and games (mostly for the National Puzzlers' League), cartooning, collecting comic books, comedy recordings, rubber stamps, animation art, and puzzle memorabilia.




  • NSA/NASPA member since 1984
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2003 
  • Occupation:  Retired - Medical Assistant
  • Interests include Scrabble®, reading, movies, socializing with friends
  • Favorite Quote
        "The past isn't dead, it's not even past." 


  • NSA/NASPA member since 2008
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2006
  • Occupation - Retired.  Executive Sales
  • Interests include Scrabble®, golf, bridge, fishing and all sporting events, movies, vacations and shows
  • NASPA Rating and Other Informati
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since October 2019
  • Occupation - Semi-Retired.
  • Interests include Scrabble®, magic, writing comedy, metal detecting, fishing/fresh water, playing Texas hold-em.  Huge interest in archeology.  


  • NSA/NASPA member since 1997
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1996
  • Occupation:  C.P.A.
  • Interests include Scrabble®, poker, movies, theater and good food
  • Favorite Quote:  "Life is truly beautiful!"                                                           -Marty Rosen-


  • NSA/NASPA member since 1987
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2015
  • Occupation:  Retired - Teacher
  • Interests include Scrabble®, chess, bridge, travel, language, trivia
  • Favorite Quote:   "If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything!"


  • NSA/NASPA member since 2003
  • Scrabble  Club #276 member since 2005
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Interests include Scrabble®, Reading, Traveling, Bearded Dragons
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information    

CARL STOCKER  (infrequent attendee) 

  • NSA/NASPA member since its beginning, 1979
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2005
  • Occupation:  Retired professor of physical sciences
  • Director of Scrabble Club #432
  • Interests include Scrabble®, volunteerism, tennis, piano, computer, investments, travel, reading
  • Awards:  Original Southeast Regional Tournament held in Miami in the late 1970's.  Most recently I won several club tournaments, including one recently held at Tim Wise's club.

(very infrequent attendee)
  • NSA/NASPA member since 1990
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since January 2011
  • Occupation:  Retired - Solar Astronomer - Naval Research
  • Interests include Scrabble®, folk dancing, pinnochle, traveling, ballroom dancing, writing, chess, bridge, collecting
  • Favorite quote:  "Fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds' worth of distance run."       
                                              ~Rudyard Kipling   "If"


 MICHAEL VACIANNA (infrequent attendee)

  • NSA/NASPA member since 2001
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2009
  • Occupation:  Flight Instructor
  • Interests include Scrabble® and movies


  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since February 2019
  • Occupation: IT - Quality Assurance Analyst 
  • Interests include Scrabble®, billards (8 and 9 ball), dancing and talking :-) !
  • Favorite quote:  "You reap what you sow." 



  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since August 2009 
  • Occupation: Professor of Business Administration 
  • Interests include Scrabble®, ping pong, exercise, current events, reading pharmacy, medical and business journals



  • NSA/NASPA member since 1989
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1993
  • Occupation:  Physician
  • Interests include Scrabble® , transcendence, medicine, law, bridge, poker and the quest for Prajna (enlightenment/insight-wisdom)



  • NSA/NASPA member since 2000
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2000
  • Occupation:  Retired - Chemistry Teacher
  • Interests include Scrabble®, family, friends, reading novels, exercise, plants, hand sewing, and piano
  • Awards:  Scrabble Club #275 Most Improved Scrabble Player Award for 2000


  • NSA/NASPA member since 1980
  • Scrabble® Club 276 occasional "Snowbird" visitor during a few weeks almost every Fall since 1993
  • Occupation:  Software Developer, including the WHAT program for Scrabble and other
    word game players
  • Interests include Scrabble® , recreational badminton (both a player and organizer), cooking, attending concerts, webmaster for Scrabble® and badminton in the Boston, MA area
  • Since early 1980's - Statistician of the Lexington, MA Scrabble® Club
  • Several Scrabble accomplishments including:
    26 tourney wins, in various clubs: some 6-bingo games, 5 consecutive bingos, highest play = 311, exceeded 700 points 3 times (tied in North America), highest game = 737, highest loss = 479, highest total = 1077




February 15, 1947 - February 9, 2020

Steve attended our Scrabble club for eleven years.  I always enjoyed seeing him there.  He always had a smile for everyone.  The most vivid memory that I have of Steve was when his opponent drew too many tiles and he had to show Steve that one of them was a blank.  Instead of throwing the blank back into the bag as 100% of us would have done, Steve gave the blank back to his opponent to use!

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1996
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1996 through 2007
  • Occupation - Retired.  Owned his own travel agency.  Taught biology on high school level.  Executive for ELAL Israel Airlines and IBERIA Airlines.
  • Interests include Scrabble®, stamp collecting, reading, puzzle solving, traveling to exotic destinations.
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information




May 6, 1940 – September 10, 2018

George joined our Lauderhill Scrabble Club in 1991 and we were all fortunate to have his friendship for many years.  George was always such a good, thoughtful and kind person. When I was in George’s company, I just had to smile!    I always knew that whenever we played a Scrabble game against each other, win or lose, we would have a fun and competitive game together with lots of laughs.   

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1992
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1991
  • Occupation - Retired Cameraman
  • Interests include Scrabble® and coin collecting
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information



November 2, 1944 – August 31, 2018

It is so hard to write this because in my mind you will always be a part of our Scrabble club. When I go there on Wednesday nights, I still feel your presence and expect you to come walking in at any second. You have always been one of my favorite players there since you became a club member in 1992. Your warmth, wonderful wit, intelligence and thoughtfulness were always admired and appreciated. Your thoughtfulness also extended to writing a "thank you" note to me after our yearly Awards nights to tell me how much you enjoyed it and recognized all the work that went into it! That was just one of your many thoughtful actions. I'm sure that your record of having the highest game at our club since its existence will continue to be upheld forever! So thankful that the last game you played at our club was with me...even though you won!!! Rest in peace, my friend.

  • NSA/NASPA member since its formation
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1992
  • Occupation:  Attorney
  • Interests include Scrabble® and movies
  • Awards won:  Three-time Florida State Champ.  
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information 



February 19, 1932 – August 15, 2018

Since 1995, we all cherished and enjoyed the many years that Ossie attended our Lauderhill, FL Scrabble Club 276. With a twinkle in his eye, he was always such a wonderful, kind and gentle soul.  You could count on a competitive and good game with Ossie.  So many years of special memories with him.  His beautifully crafted Lucite Scrabble boards are used by Scrabble players all over the world!  For many years, Ossie captured our Awards Nights with his excellent photos of the festivities!  Ossie is missed very much by so many of our club members.

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1990
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1995
  • Occupation:  Retired Photographer
  • Interests include Scrabble®, photography and traveling 
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information 



January 7, 1945 - January 20, 2018

We were all so fortunate to have Steve Polatnick as a member of our Lauderhill Scrabble Club #276 since 1994.  Steve was one of the "giants" in the Scrabble world.  An expert Scrabble player, Steve was also quiet-spoken, brilliant, witty and always the perfect gentleman with numerous accomplishments of which many of us were unaware because he was too humble to tout them!   Steve will be greatly missed by all. 

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1977
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1994
  • Occupation - Attorney
  • Interests include Scrabble®, tennis, bicycle touring, foreign languages




August 7, 1944 - November 4, 2017

Although we haven't seen Sal at Scrabble Club 276 for many years, he was a regularly attending member of our club for 13 years from 1991 through 2004.

Sal was an expert Scrabble player with whom everyone at club enjoyed interacting.  

Sal was quiet spoken, a kind and thoughtful soul along with a wonderful sense of humor.  We were very fortunate to have known Sal and wish it could have been much longer.

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1991
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1991
  • Occupation:  Retired.  Special Agent in the United States Drug Enforcement Administration until 1999
  • Interests included Scrabble®, Poker, Cooking, Crosswords, Reading, Family & Friends
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information 




April 3, 1943 - August 9, 2017

It was a joy to be in Angel's company!  She always was so enthusiastic about everything in life with her so different many interests and activities!  She loved all the holidays and observed them with her extensive decorations-- right down to her nail art! Angel never missed a year bringing in her St. Patrick's Day hand-crafted potato heads which were given out as Scrabble prizes.

Thank you for being a part of our Scrabble Club and our lives, Angel.  We will miss you.

  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2002
  • Retired - Horticultural Pest & Disease Control Specialist
  • Interests include Scrabble®, bowling, entomology, suduko, reading
  • Have won many bowling awards 

   *** IN MEMORIAM ***

                RUTHIE LEVITTS

March 8, 1930 - January 8, 2015

Ruthie brightened up our lives with her smile, her outspokenness, her humor and all of her creativity.  I'm sure that everyone whose life she touched has at least one of her creative efforts whether it is a rack with their name in Scrabble tiles, a painted shirt, a magnet, etc., etc! 

You will be forever in our hearts, Ruthie.

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1988
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since early 1980's
  • Occupation:  Retired
  • Interests include Scrabble®, Art, Crafts, Reading, Friends, Family
  • NASPA Rating and Other Information 




  December 8, 1946 - December 3, 2013

Ralph played tournament Scrabble since 1994.   Recently Ralph moved to the Boca area from Gainsville and attended our club for the first three months during 2013.  We always enjoyed seeing him and wish that it could have continued for many more years. We will always look back fondly on our memories with Ralph. 

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1994
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2013
  • Occupation: Retired - Construction Superintendent
  • Interests include Scrabble®, Movies, Travel, Eacting different foods
     Favorite Quote:  "Plays well with others!"



October 12, 1953 - February 11, 2013

A special smile, a special face

In our hearts, a special place,
Memories are a gift to treasure,
Ours of you, Randy will last forever.

  • NSA/NASPA member since 1988
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since November 2010
  • Occupation:  Retired - Postal Clerk
  • Interests Include Scrabble®, crosswords, retrotainment - old movies, TV, music





 August 17, 1941- JULY 17, 2012 

Although Anita was only able to attend our club for a few years due to her long struggle with cancer, whenever she was physically able to attend, Anita was a wonderful addition to our Scrabble club. 

Throughout the years of her battle with this horrible disease, Anita always showed an optimistic, cheerful and positive attitude in the company of her friends. 

Anita was a very special woman whose light will shine on in the hearts of all who knew her.




July 4, 1920 - September 22, 2011 

In her own word's, she
In our words....Your smile, wit, warmth and diverse talents will be missed by so many of us. 
  • NSA/NASPA member since 1995
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1997
  • Occupation: Designer
  • Interests include Scrabble®, people with heart, brains and a little time for me
  • Have received awards in painting, fencing, javelin and shotput




January 17, 1922 - May 22, 2011

Assistant Director-Emeritus

*** Original Director! ***

As original Director of Scrabble Club 276, you ran the club for three years with a strong hand and a warm, loving, teddy-bear heart.  You were a tough act to follow but I hope that I made you proud.

"You will be missed so much, Ann.  We love you."

  • NSA/NASPA Member since 1986
  • Scrabble® Club #276 member since 1986         
  • Occupation: Retired Bookkeeper





June 15, 1927 - February 6, 2011

Charlotte was a member of Scrabble Club 276 since 1989. 
So many years of fun memories. Charlotte always made time to care about her Scrabble "family" and even their extended families.  She will be missed by many of us.
  • NSA/NASPA member since 1989
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 1989
  • Occupation:  Part owner and manager of landscaping company
  • Interests include Scrabble® , gambling, poker, stock market, politics and watching all spectator sports such as baseball, football, basketball and tennis
  • Awards:  Placed 1st in my division in six or seven Scrabble tournaments over the years




August 7, 1938 - June 25, 2008 

Although you will always be in our hearts, your kindness, humor and wit will be missed by all of your many friends.

  • NSA member since 1985
  • Scrabble® Club 276 member since 2003
  • Occupation:  Retired Attorney and College Professor
  • Interests were Scrabble®, grandkids, pussycats, reading, travel, cold weather, gambling 
  • Favorite quote:                                                 “God willing and the Creek don’t rise!”                  -Benjamin Hawkins-