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From Cathryn Weaver, Library Volunteer 

Over the years I have received many wonderful emails about our club and web site.  
I received the above email from Cathryn Weaver who volunteers at her local library with children who enjoy playing Scrabble.  Cathryn's email kept me smiling for weeks.  It's so gratifying to know that our web site is helping children to further their interest in playing Scrabble.  Thank you, Cathryn!!! And thanks to Daisy for finding the new Scrabble link!

30th Annual Scrabble Awards Night

Thanks, Shereen and Fred!  Your letter was so very much appreciated!  It feels so good to know that you realize all the time, love and effort that goes into making our Scrabble Club unique and fun.
The awards night presentation and refreshments were wonderful (thanks to you
& Dena Weinstein). 
The presents you gave out to the players were adorable and 
useful (considering the number of games I have played with an itchy back).
You are the best club director. I appreciate the amount of time you spend keeping 
statistics, updating the web site and especially for the preparation of the awards night.
Thank you.

Thanks, Marty!  I also want to thank you for all of the help you give to me throughout the year--setting up the computer each week, helping to close down the room for the night and offering to help with whatever else is needed!  Always very much appreciated!
Some Positive Responses for Our "New Rules!"

As a former trainer in communications, let me tell you that your email regarding Scrabble Club Rules was absolutely fantastic.  So well written, focused and detailed.  You not only put your heart and soul into the club, but your knowledge and intelligence also!

        Judy Soroko


Got it. We do appreciate you and the effort you put into this club.

        Mike Vacianna


Good for you Sandee!


        Sandra Bromberg


28th Annual Scrabble Awards Night

Hi Sandee,

Great pictures..Captured the night and all the hard work you put in all year to make it happen.  Congratulations to Ian for all his 1st place wins.  Love the picture of "The Three Amigos"!


Thanks, Iris.  Wish you could be there.  I'll give Ian your message. xox


Hi Sandee,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the hard work that you have done with the Scrabble Club.  A lot of people don't realize how much time and effort you have to do to make this happen and I really appreciate it. It really  gives me and the other people an opportunity every week to play Scrabble with other people and enjoy.  So I just wanted to thank you very much.  Have a happy year and I'll see you next Wednesday.


Thanks Marshall!  I really appreciate your words and the realization of all the time that goes into making our Scrabble Club fun for everyone.

I'm happy that you are able to join us for all the winter months that you spend in Florida and I want to congratulate you on being our 2016 Most Improved Player of the Year by raising your winning percentage by 10.12!   


Dear Sandee,

Well, you pulled it off again.  I think tonight was one of the smoothest Awards Ceremonies ever.

Thanks again.



Thanks, Howard!  So good to get your positive feedback on how it went from your viewpoint.  And congratulations on obtaining the goal that you set out for yourself and all of your other nine awards!!!!  What a wonderful year you had at club!!!  And once again, thanks for pitch-hitting for Larry whenever he wasn't there.



I LOVE the photo with the  Three Amigos theme !

You are so creative and artistic and have such a good heart :)

This and all of your many other generosities are much appreciated. 

The reason Awards Night was yet again a fun experience is because of all the enthusiasm and joy you put into it

Thank you !


Thanks, Robert!  It really makes my day whenever I get one of your appreciation notes about the Awards Night, Robert.  I do put a lot of work hours into it but what keeps me going is knowing that it is appreciated by you and the others.  Thanks for keeping that fire in me burning!


Thank you for a good time, Sandee!

I had a good time at the Scrabble Club's annual awards ceremony (even if I was limited to playing one game - which I'd lost by just five points). The food was great, the yearly knickknack giveaway (the clipboard) was neat, and the company I'd accompanied was friendly and enjoyable.

I'll see you at the January 25th meeting. Until then, take care!



October 28, 2016

Hi Sandee,

I searched for your web site and found everything and everyone who won in tournaments and at Scrabble Club 276 in Lauderhill! I found Paul and me on your beautiful set of Scrabble Club 276 pictures!  This is extremely an excellent job well done!

I always enjoy attending the meeting with Paul!

I hope to see you soon!
Lv Gayle!

Thanks, Gayle!  Hope you and Paul will be able to attend more often this year.

October 19, 2016

Hi Sandee,

I really appreciate all you do at the club and tell all my scrabble friends (especially the New York ones) what a wonderful club we have.

Thanks again,

Thanks, Laura! Glad that you are now a member of our club and that you enjoy it so much! I hope some year you'll be able to attend our Awards Night. 


Hi Sandee,

I love this site. I even got all the new 3,4 letter words.
Thanx so much for your overall work you did for me and the rest of the players.
See you soon with Paul!

Gayle Friedman

Thanks, Gayle!  So good to hear that you enjoy our Scrabble Club's web site!  A lot of work goes into keeping our Scrabble Club's web site updated and it's always good to hear that it is enjoyed and appreciated.
Looking forward to seeing you and Paul at club again real soon!


Hi Sandee,

Thank you for keeping the club going and for allowing me to participate in such a limited basis. I enjoyed every game and I promise to keep at it so I can get better. Please say goodbye to all for me.

All the best,

We totally enjoy having you attend our club whenever you are in the area, Karen!  Hope to see you next winter.

27th Annual Scrabble Awards Night


Once again you did a phenomenal job !
Thank you for your efforts
That (W)Einstein picture was super creative and extremely well done...
You are very talented and you are appreciated.
Also, congratulations on those personal Scrabble achievements :)


Hi Sandee,

Awards night was really very nice last week. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

thanks again for Awards Night and all that you do.


Thank you, Robert and Joanne.  I'm so glad that you enjoyed our Awards Night and I appreciate the positive feedback more than you know! :-)

25th Annual Scrabble Awards Night

thanks once again for all of your hard work in preparing for and conducting Awards Night .
this year i intend to focus all of my energies on the neatness of my scorecard, winning percentage and similar categories be damned !!!
more important than Awards Night, thank you for making Wednesday nights so much fun, week after week, year after year...
no matter what else is going on in life, i look forward to every Wednesday evening!  i know many others share the same feeling.
hope you have a great new year.

Once again, Robert, thanks so much for your email.  Your appreciation of all my efforts always brings a smile to my face.  But honestly, you don't have "to focus all of your energies on the neatness of your scorecard!"  Even on your worst days, they still are readable and usually perfect!  But I sure wish that some of our other players would!!!!!!!!!!

~ Sandee

23rd Annual Scrabble Awards Night

  • Randy Greenspan
    January 5
    • tx sandee for being a great club director and putting in all the effort. its very heartwarming- im thrilled i moved to southern fla. where the weather is warm along with the hearts. this year hopefully ill be able to keep it up and catch the elusive ian in best club %. congrats to all winners

    • Trip Payne
      January 10
      • Hi Sandee --

        I just received my package from you. Thank you so much! It was very thoughtful of you.

        I'm sorry I didn't get to attend the ceremony, but I did go through all the stats and pictures on the website, and it looks like you did your typical amazing job with it. It was good to see Ian given some stiff competition this year, and Fred was an excellent choice for the sportsmanship award!

        I plan to wear my BEDQUILT t-shirt at Scrabble club next week (it looks like I'm going to have to skip it this week for work reasons), and I'll have someone take a photo of me in it so I can send it to you.

        Thanks again for including me in the club celebration, even long-distance! Tell everyone hello for me -- I miss you all.

        -- Trip

22st Annual Scrabble Awards Night

it is obvious to all of us just how much effort you devote throughout the year - every year - to Club 276, a fact which becomes most evident at the annual awards ceremony.
this year you particularly outdid yourself in recording and compiling a wealth of statistics and in designing and rendering artwork, charts, t shirts, lunch bags and assorted surprises and souvenirs, each marked by your creative touch and warmth...
in spite of the fact that there is clearly so much work involved, it is equally evident that your enthusiasm continues to grow and that you are perhaps more excited than ever to lead the celebration and help spread cheer, a commodity so refreshing during these difficult times.....
thank you for making club 276 such a special place for all of us....
Robert (Kahn)
Thanks so much for your email, Robert.  It really is satisfying to know that all of my efforts are so appreciated and that you enjoyed our 22nd Annual Awards Night.  My thanks also goes to all of our club members who help to make our club such an fun place to be.
~ Sandee

Dear Sandee,
Re Robert's letter:  Ditto, & that goes for all of us in my corner of the room.  We all agree you are AMAZING. 

Love, Judy

Dear Judy,
And "Ditto" my remarks that I wrote to Robert to you, too!  Thanks for taking the time to let me know how much you (and all of the players in your corner of the room) enjoy our club and my efforts! 
~ Sandee


Dear Sandee and club members,

I am so happy all of you enjoyed the cake! It is fun coming up with a new
design every year for you! The awards night is so much fun and you put so much of your energy and creative ideas into the special awards.
I also want to thank you for the custom t-shirt! I love it and will wear
it when I make deliveries!! Please let me know of there is a favorite
flavor of cake for next year!

Thank you!

Dear Dena,
We love your delicious and creative cakes.  It amazes me how you outdo yourself each year with your fantastic designs...and of course they are just as delicious on the inside as they are creative on the outside!  If anyone ever needs a cake designed for a special occasion, I hope they contact you:  Dena Weinstein at
 Love, Sandee
Dear Mom,
Looks like it was a fun night!!! Congratulations to everyone's accomplishments :) The cake looks yummy too...wish I could have had a piece! Scrabble Club 276 Rocks!!!
Bonnie xox
Thanks, Bonnie!  It was a very special Awards Night!!! Lots of awards!  And Dena keeps outdoing herself with creative and delicious cakes! 
Mom xox
Dear Sandee,

Great job as always!  Your efforts are much appreciated!

Of all the prizes I have won over the years, the best one by far was a flexible green lunch cooler which had ripped recently and was starting to show its age from overuse.  I am thrilled therefore with my new red one advertising the club, and broke it in today.  
Thank you very much.
Howard (Pistol)
Dear Howard,
Thanks for your positive feedback. 
I'm so happy that the gift that I decided to give to our regularly-attending players was timed so perfectly for your use!
I also hope that the clean slate award that you won will help you to achieve your normally high stats this year!
From Former Members
Hi Sandee...

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the club - and especially your warm welcome into it.  I am still trying to get settled up here in Orlando.  

Anyway, just wanted you to know I appreciate your hospitality.  The club was great and I miss many of the folks there.  I still read your updates and laugh when I hear about the cell phone prizes.  You really have a warm heart and an enthusiastic presence. 

Hope to see you when I'm in town...

Doug Halper


Hi Sandee,

I am enjoying my new life in Palm Beach County. Thank you for keeping me on the club's mailing list.  It is so much fun to read about the triumphs of the various members.

Peace and blessings,
Adrene King

Visitors from the North

Hi Sandee;
Thank you for a warm welcome and a nice visit.  See you  next year!
Dianne and Mickey (Kaplan)

Always a pleasure to see you here at our club!  Congratulations on your three wins, Dianne!  So glad I had the chance to present Mickey with his award for scoring our club's 2009 Highest Phoney Word!



Hi Sandee...

I'm out of town this week but wanted to share something with you.  I've been studying like crazy to learn my twos and threes - and found what I believe is a misprint. 

On the "links" page of the club website there is a link called
"All Two and Three-Letter Words."  This sheet shows that NA takes an "s" and I don't think that's correct.  It shows it in the "twos" section but not in the

The link "The Cheat Sheet" does not show NAS as a word - so if that's
correct, it's just the "All Two and Three-Letter Words" file that's

I know these aren't your sheets - but I figured you could let someone know. I'd hate to see someone study the wrong stuff!

Doug Halper

Thanks, Doug!  I checked it out and you are absolutely 100% correct!!!

I made changes to all listings and thanks to you, nobody will make the same mistake that I did a few months ago when I played Trip Payne and almost had the game won but hooked my last word onto a NA with an "s" (thinking it was good) and lost the game when he challenged and went out with his next turn.  Now I know where I "learned" the wrong word. 


Hi Sandee,
This is Fran from NJ.    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy receiving your newsletters.  Next time I'm in Florida I will certainly try to come to your club.  Hope all is well.
Fran Shaw
Thanks Fran.  Glad you enjoy our web site updates.  By the time that you visit our club you will feel like a member of it!  We look forward to having you attend. 



Sandee Bloom, Director 

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7600 NW 50th St.

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5:45 PM-9:00 PM

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