Turning Point Clickers

Wireless Student Response System (SRS)

The Turning Point Clickers Student Response System (SRS) is a wireless response system that allows faculty to request information and for students to respond by using a “clicker” or hand-held response pad to send his or her information to a receiver. When presented with a question, the student presses a button on a hand-held response pad or clicker, which sends either an infrared or radio signal to a receiver attached to a computer. The computer records and/or displays the response per the instructor’s preference.

Student Response Systems from Turning Point

View this brief video showing how student response systems are used in the classroom.

Video contains closed-captions. Click CC to enable.

Using Clickers in Your Classroom

SCC has sets of these clickers, for use in your classroom. For more information on obtaining training on using the Turning Point Clickers and checking them out, contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at scc-ctl@scottsdalecc.edu or call (480) 425-6952.