Learning Readiness Indicator

Survey Elements

SmarterMeasure is a survey tool SCC uses to assess a student's online readiness. This survey can be placed in Canvas as an assignment and the instructor can view the results. This survey provides the student and instructor with valuable feedback in:

  • Personal Attributes
  • Learning Styles
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Technical Competency
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Typing Speed & Accuracy

It takes 20-30 minutes to complete and gives the student and the instructor instant results. The survey is not designed to exclude students from courses. The survey is designed to provide valuable feedback for the student in regards to their strengths and weaknesses related to online learning. From this feedback students can work to strengthen their skills and enhance successful learning.

Try the SmarterMeasure Survey

To check out the survey yourself:

  1. Go to SCC's SmarterMeasure website.
  2. On the left side of this page, select "ScottsdaleCC" from the Username drop-down menu. Enter "Artichoke" for the password.
  3. For instructions on how to use SmarterMeasure in your Canvas courses, view and download the Using SmarterMeasure with Canvas guide.