Syllabus Templates

Accessible and Up-to-date

Abbreviated (Blueprint) Syllabus Template

SCC now offers an abbreviated syllabus template for instructors using Canvas in their course. If you are using Canvas for your course, this shortened syllabus, called the Blueprint Syllabus Template, is recommended. In this syllabus version, the college policies and student services are left out as they are provided in your Canvas course through the First Steps: Helping You Succeed module in SCC's Blueprint.

If you are NOT using Canvas for your course, you must use the Full Syllabus Template.

The syllabus template includes all of the required elements of a syllabus per the Maricopa 3.6 Distribution of Course Syllabus Regulations, as well as SCC recommended components.

The syllabus template contains items that either need your special attention or are optional items that have a note associated with yellow highlighting. After editing, read your entire syllabus to ensure you have filled in all blank fields and have not included optional information that is not applicable to your course prior to publishing your syllabus for students.

When using the syllabus template, please be sure to do the following:

  • remove any of the optional items that do not apply to your course
  • remove the highlighted text
  • rename the syllabus something other than its original "template" file name


Please direct any questions regarding SCC's Syllabus Templates to, or call 480-425-6952.