Faculty Resources

Locating Your MEID

If you are new to Maricopa, the MEID is your assigned username for accessing almost everything in Maricopa systems. It may not be assigned to you yet. To find your MEID, use the Maricopa Find My MEID website. If you already have a MEID, but it doesn't seem to be working properly, use the Maricopa Reactivate Maricopa ID website. In some cases, new adjuncts will not get their MEID assigned until just before or even just after school starts.

If you need assistance, contact your department administrative assistant.

SCC Adjunct Faculty Just-in-time Training

This course is available just-in-time to assist Adjunct Faculty with navigating the need to know items, processes, procedures and helpful hints for teaching and learning at Scottsdale Community College.

Access the SCC Adjunct Faculty Just-in-time Training and enroll in the course with your MEID and password.

After enrollment, log in to Canvas and access the course from your Dashboard.

District Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Maricopa Community College District Adjunct Faculty Orientation is available in the Employee Learn Center.

It is especially useful for those who are new to Maricopa and who want to jump-start their preparation for the adjunct adventure. This orienation has a district-wide focus and does not duplicate the face-to-face or online orientation that SCC offers.

To access this district orientation program, search for it in the Employee Learn Center, clicking the Search for Training tile, then search for Adjunct Orientation. The total program is divided into four modules which you can complete separately or at one sitting. If you start and complete the modules within 30 days, there is a completion certificate available and your work will be recorded in My Transcripts in the Employee Learn Center.

NOTE: You will need an MEID to access the program.