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ScoreCzar offers computer rankings that are not over-politicized, tampered with by agenda driven humans or beholden to some gigantic evil empire.

ScoreCzar is true to the only unbiased element in team sports ~ the numbers! The numbers are powerful and are telling us a story. Here at ScoreCzar, we give them a voice.

The links on this site will take you to an online spreadsheet where you will find the numbers presented in a unique format. The Demo below explains the formula and serves as a guide for the live data on the associated tabs.
Scary accurate & completely unbiased computer rankings.

Here's what some have said:

DougPaceyTNT I don't mind being wrong, but I'm a little in awe at the computer's accuracyblog.thenewstribune.com/preps/2011/10

@Wesco4AComputer “czar” (@scoreczar) has been eerily accurate in predictions 

Seattle Times post: Mr_Myke For a different perspective, check out the Computer Rankings done here :https://sites.google.com/a/scoreczar.com/scoreczar/ The system used there has proven highly accurate in the last couple years

@Spokanedad Watching the game live I was amazed to see the score start to line up with the numbers.. Crazy...

 @bgeesus52 I love checking the scores compared to your predictions. It amazes me every time.

 @GSL_Football I've realized your rankings are the only ones I pay attention to now. Can't remember the last time I looked at any others.#Legit

 ‏@Gillin_31WW @WaHi_Sports the computer has always known what the people are just figuring out (Walla Walla Girls Basketball)

Sept. 12, 2012  Response from an Idaho media member to computer slotting Madison (Rexburg, ID) #1 in Football after week 4 'Yeah, Madison would get ROLLED by the teams I mentioned'
Un-ranked Madison went on to win Idaho's largest classification State Championship beating every team he mentioned head-to-head.