There comes a time in every worthwhile endeavor to determine your next move, in this case it’s been determined for me. I must act, and I must act now!

Two years ago I made a decision to walk away from a $100,000 job to start this ScoreCzar experience. Nobody in my circle of friends or family understood why I did this, but I had a vision and the desire to fulfill it was overpowering. It was a hard decision and I knew it would affect my ability to support my family but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't give it a shot, and couldn't devote the necessary time because I was constantly travelling.

Today, the impact is clearly felt as the investment I put into turning this endeavor into the fulfillment of a dream has sapped my resources and has pushed me to the precipice of an uncertain and potentially desperate personal situation.

I am looking to raise funds to keep the dream alive and below you will find a unique opportunity for you to get involved and grab a stake of ownership in ScoreCzar.


ScoreCzar will always be about an unbiased look at the numbers, but due to the limitations of the current site there are many new features that have yet to be unveiled. A new custom site is currently under construction that will bring the numbers to life and will change the way we view sports.

The system works very well every single time and has produced some amazing results. Please explore the site, read the testimonials and ask yourself if you've ever seen information presented in this fashion and whether or not the sports world is hungry for something like this to come along.

The web development firm that is putting the new site together is so excited about it's potential and revenue generating capabilities that they have waived their $25,000 fee and have opted for part ownership instead. Those who know the industry understand that this is rather unique and is an awesome testimonial for the business plan that you will read below.

The site will have a completely different look and feel to what you see here. This site was established to prove the system and it's purpose has been served. There will always be the hallmark team rankings page that most are familiar with, there will just be more…a lot more. I will detail all the new features and elements in an email to prospective investors, as there are just too many to list and I'm not ready to disclose some of the features just yet. For now, I will only say that the new site has ideas and concepts that you will not find anywhere else, with an emphasis on interactive fan involvement and is the culmination of the vision I've had all along.


This is very simple, the business plan calls for advertisers to purchase ads on team pages for $100 per season. That’s basically a dollar a day to advertise product on a mass appeal web site to a highly targeted audience.

Each team will have their own page which will contain their team profile, dedicated twitter feed, Facebook social package and ad space for local businesses.

“”Bob’s Burger’s say’s Go! Prosser Mustangs!! Click on the ad and print out a coupon good for 10% off our famous Bob’s Burger! 15% off on game nights the Ponies win! Located across the street from the stadium, we’ll see ya here after the game!”

The site’s advertising package makes it very simple to post an ad, it’s intuitive & customizable and there are professionals standing by to help load artwork or answer questions. Posting an ad takes only minutes and is clickable if one wishes to make the ad printable for coupons or discounts. They can also be revised as often as the advertiser likes.

“Bob’s Burgers says Go get them Ellensburg Bulldogs this Friday!  Go Mustangs!!”

Here is a look at the business plan at the micro level:

There are over 400 high schools in the State of Washington, if there is just one ad purchased for only half of the available schools the revenue generated will be in excess of $20,000.00 per season.

That’s 200 teams x $100.00 = $20,000.00

The data I've collected over the past two years indicates the site is very popular. For a crummy free platform that is ugly, limited and not mobile capable to turn in the numbers it has is remarkable and only indicates that people are hungry for this type of data and coverage. The site is popular even with zero frills and virtually no features, which makes the new site viable for advertisers.

One ad for only half the available teams is easily achievable and conservative, to say the least. (see why the web developer waived their fee?)

Now consider; that's only one season and ScoreCzar will run a minimum of eight sports seasons throughout the year. So, take that $20,000 and multiply it by eight and that's just Washington High School sports.

This fall ScoreCzar will run football in as many as twelve other states including football crazy Texas, Georgia and Ohio. You can do the math on that if you wish, but the point is that this is a real opportunity.


I am looking to raise funds so I can continue to work toward fulfilling the dream. I am borrowing on a theme that is currently being used to fund start-ups all over the world called ‘Crowd Funding’. This is where people invest small sums to start-ups and in return receive partial ownership in the company. 

I have set aside 10% of ownership to those who are interested in joining the crowd funding effort. Ten $1,000 shares to represent 10% of ownership.

The opportunity is for individuals to purchase full or partial shares until $10,000 has been raised. The investor shall receive a quarterly dividend from ScoreCzar based on all revenues generated in proportion to their percentage of investment. 

If a single investor buys one complete share, their dividend shall be equal to 1% of the total quarterly revenue generated. Based on the model above the investor will net a quarterly dividend of $2,400.00 

$20,000 x 12 States = $240,000 x 1% = $2400.00 per quarter

This investor will return $9,600 in the first year from the original $1,000 investment. With the reasonable assumption that as new states are added and a higher percentage of available teams yield more advertisers the investor will only see this figure grow in future years. 

It’s not required that each investor purchase an entire share, as partial shares are also available starting at $100.00 for 10% of one share, and so on. 


As ScoreCzar expands, into other states and ultimately nationwide, I will be looking to take on franchise owners who wish to run ‘their’ state. 

These franchise owners will also be another source of revenue as they will purchase the rights to their states and a portion of their ad revenue will be sent to ScoreCzar and as with all revenue generated, these monies will find their way back to the investors.

The ultimate goal is to sell all 50 states and build a network to where the entire nation is connected together on the same rating structure. There is a next logical step after that, but one I’m not ready to discuss. 


There is nothing stopping ScoreCzar from moving into the college ranks as well. The efforts in college sports over the past two seasons have netted some national exposure and this is sure to increase as the site expands its reach. 

I envision a scenario where one of the 100,000 fans present in the Big House at University of Michigan leaves a football game against Indiana and checks the Wolverines new ScoreCzar rating/ranking on his mobile device, posts a comment about how the 2nd string QB should get more playing time and then runs a simulated game against next week’s opponent Ohio State before he even leaves the stadium. (oops, said a little too much here) Where else can this or any of the other 100,000 fans currently do this? 

College also offers an opportunity for mass expansion into the Div II, Div III levels all over the country which currently do not have this level of national coverage. Also, sports such as Lacrosse and Hockey will be added to the ScoreCzar repertoire. Not to mention popular sports that aren't currently covered at the Div 1 level such as Women’s Basketball, Softball and Men's and Women's Soccer.


The investment I've made to create this opportunity has been one of time and sacrifice. I’m not exaggerating my current situation when I say that it’s one of near desperation. The potential to cease operations is imminent and the need to raise funds is quite real. If I can manage to get through the summer and make it to the fall, all of the above happens and there are a number of happy people. If I am not, the outlook is bleak and the opportunity will be lost.

The revenue generating power of the internet is impressive and an opportunity like this doesn't come along very often. There is strength in numbers and numbers are my strength. If you are interested in finding out more and are serious about becoming part of what the ScoreCzar team is assembling, I urge you to contact me at ScoreCzar@Gmail.Com