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XENIA : eXchange Enabler for New Industry Acceleration

posted Mar 30, 2017, 8:29 AM by Massimo Mercuri
XENIA proposes a community-sustained, two-sided online business model that facilitates the process of booking functional spaces for manufacturing, fabrication or prototyping by entrepreneurs, SME’s and startup companies. The concept is similar to the online hospitality booking models of VRBO, HomeAway and AirBnB, hence the name XENIA being the goddess of hospitality. The owner-maintained offering of facilities enables companies to rent facilities at an affordable cost.. Public profiles provide information about the host and what is on offer. Vice versa, hosts can also decide who to rent out their space to.

The model operates on two sides: on the one side it enables production capacity owners to list their space as a ”host” and earn rental money from underutilized infrastructure and facilities; on the other side it provides startups & SME’s easy access to renting operation-ready facilities as a “guest” lowering the threshold of accessibility to otherwise unaffordable facilities during startup or pre-scale-up phases.

XENIA’s purpose is more than an affordable factory/prototype/laboratory hosting option. Facilitating access to specialised spaces and local facilities, XENIA allows guest companies to build connections with regional facility hosts, gaining access to distinctive spaces and local supply network of their destinations.

The online facility exchange system of XENIA is a transaction facilitator between hosts who have surplus capacity and guests who are looking for accommodation. Providing host protection via pre-booking reservations with minimal deposit fees and a rating and review system for the reputation of both the hosts and the visitors, the platform builds trust within the community of users and lowers transaction costs. Public profiles and user reviews strengthen the trust among participants of the marketplace.

The operation of XENIA is financially sustainable by receiving commissions from two sources upon every booking, namely hosts and guests. For every booking XENIA charges the guest a percent (%) of the booking fee. Moreover XENIA will charge the host a percent (%) for every final completed transaction.

Impact of XENIA as an exchange enabler is both direct and indirect: directly enables the rapid industrialization for startups and SME’s in exchange of reducing the costs for the owners of existing -yet underutilized- industrial capacity. Indirect benefits spread over the regional economy of supplier services supporting the local operations. Entrepreneurs create new products while creating new jobs.

XENIA creates a new online digital company. Validation of such exchange-enabling business model requires the collaboration of SME’s, industrial and academic partners to build and test the prototype. Such partners have been identified and have expressed their interest in contributing.