In 2021 the LWG Geophysics site moved to the new Google Sites.

The purpose of this site is to facilitate the activities of the IODP JRSO Geophysics Lab Working Group (LWG), with the objective of improving JOIDES Resolution physical properties, paleomagnetism, downhole measurements, underway geophysics, and rig floor laboratory services and related shore-based activities.

Issues related to core curation and handling, core description and micropaleontology, and geochemistry and microbiology are handled by the Curation, Geology, and Geochemistry/Microbiology LWGs.

Regular meetings are held a few weeks after each expedition and all members are expected to attend (when possible given sailing rotations). Subgroup meetings are held as necessary.

Routine maintenance of the labs is outside the scope of this LWG

The issues addressed by the Geophysics LWG are based on
  • review of expedition participant comments provided in cruise evaluations
  • review of technical reports written by sailing staff
  • issues raised by the Geology, Curation, and Chemistry LWGs
  • issues raised by IODP departments and staff

LWG outcomes include the following
  • investigation of expedition issues (see meeting list by expedition or date)
  • action items requiring quick response and typically a small, well-defined amount of work
  • recommendations and projects requiring extensive amount of work and allocation of resources

External advisors
  • September 2015 to August 2017: Donna Blackman and Tony Morris
  • May 2017 to present: Jens Gr├╝tzner, Rob Harris, Hiroko Kitajima, and Carl Richter

We welcome comments and suggestions from anyone.
You can reach the technical and science leads by emailing
Bill or Trevor.
You can reach the entire group by emailing LWG_Geophysics@iodp.tamu.edu.