This site is to facilitate the activities of the IODP, Texas A&M University (TAMU) Geology Lab Working Group (LWG), with the goal to improve JOIDES Resolution shipboard laboratory services that pertain to geological description, imaging, stratigraphic correlation and related tasks and systems (see Scope).

Maintenance, repair and supply of existing laboratory system, and procurement of new systems, are managed by the functional sections (Analytical Systems, Technical Support, Application development) and are outside the scope of the LWG.

Team membership consists of JRSO personnel actively supporting aspects of the geology services on the JR, as well as a few external members who are scientists sailing soon or having sailed recently. Team members are expected to be aware if not familiar with all items on the Issues tracking list (issues, actions, and recommendations), work on assigned action items and report progress, and to present new issues raised in their area of service.

How the Geology LWG works

The group's work is mainly (but not exclusively) based on

  • analysis of user feedback (cruise evaluations)
  • analysis of technical reports by sailing USIO staff
  • miscellaneous input by staff members from all affected service groups.
Regular meetings with full membership in attendance are held 2-4 times per year. Their purpose is to review all current issues, action items and recommendations, and identify new ones as needed. Additional topical workshops are held with subgroups as necessary for in-depth analysis of issues and actual work. The group's activities are summarized on the general meeting agenda pages, with detailed information on sub-pages if applicable. All issues and associated action items or recommendations are also summarized on the Issues tracking spreadsheet.

The LWG identifies, logs and describes issues, and makes one of the following decisions on each item:

  • ACTIONLWG members are assigned to do investigative work, write a project charter, examine or migrate data, perform tests to get more insight on an issue, etc.
  • RECOMMENDA recommendation is made to supervisors/managers for a proposed action that requires approval for significant resources.
  • HOLDNo feasible decision at this time; revisit at next meeting
  • PARKno feasible action in the foreseeable future, issue will not be reviewed anymore unless it flares up; move item to "parking lot" tab.
The status is identified for each issue, including:
  • new - issue recently introduced.
  • ongoing - some type of activity is ongoing. 
  • watch - issue is in another group's hands but Geology LWG wants to keep an eye on progress.
  • closed - issue is been resolved and the record was moved to the "closed" tab.