Project Topic __________________________________________________________________________

Presenter __________________________________    Viewer ________________________________
DesignProduct skillfully evidences a well designed visual product that communicated a clear narrative of the point of divergence and resulting historical record.
KnowledgeProduct demonstrates a thorough understanding of existing primary source documents and the historical record surrounding the POD and resulting shifts in the record.

ApplicationThe story being told intertwines the three new events added to the historical record along with the accompanying 6 new/created primary source documents. The resulting changes are reflected in the 2011 version of the present, as envisioned with the shifts and changes.
ProcessThe student completes and communicates a thorough reflection highlighting the process by which the product was completed and any feedback on the learning process.  Students will specifically evidence the contract, the organizer and primary source document analysis sheets.
PresentationThe presentation of the product communicates the story in an engaging manner that is well-organized and verbally concise.  Don’t be boring.

Diana Laufenberg,
May 26, 2011, 7:25 AM
Diana Laufenberg,
May 26, 2011, 7:21 AM