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How to record a screencast

Using Screencast-o-matic (online screencaster)

Thought I'd post this... used Screencast-o-matic yesterday to make the short screencast for tech awesomeness yesterday and thought I'd pass this along - I made a short screencast for my students while I am out today outlining the goals for the day and walking them through the onscreen directions in moodle. Now I've done something similar before but it was always a little clunky, hard to post and have the students get access, etc. This screencast service allows for download as .flv which is the same file type that SLATE loves to upload. So I took 3 minutes to record, save to machine and then upload into a blogpost on SLATE. The whole process took less than 10 min. and am hopeful that providing this will assist in a more productive day with the sub!