Project Description

I'm Just a Bill

The legislative branch of the US Government is one of the most complex and confusing branches of government. In the 220 years since the beginning of the US Constitutional government, there have been 111 sessions of Congress. In that time period there have been tens of thousands of bills introduced in Congress. Of the proposed bills a select few make it to be signed on the President's desk. The story of what makes it, what does not and the scrapes along the way influence the way in which all Americans live their lives today.

Goal: Tell the story of a successful or failed piece of national legislation. While telling this story, you should evidence knowledge of the legislative process in how bills become laws and the procedural pieces that go into legislative wrangling.

  • Research the timeline of events that influenced the path of the bill/law.
  • Identify the main people that were the key players influencing the path of the bill/law
  • Explain the role of outside influences on the path of the bill/law (lobbyists, non-profits, etc.)
  • Choose a method for telling the story in a compelling way. Any means of presentation are fair game.
  • Storyboard the information that you wish to tell as a part of the narrative. (Due Tuesday Nov. 4th)
  • Include commentary about how passage/failure of this bill impacts life in the US presently.
  • Present the story keeping the evaluation method of the rubric in mind as you create the storyline.
  • Reflect on the creation of a whole new way of life that results from changes in national law. What are the challenges that thwart the creative process?
  • Don't be boring.
Post the link to the final piece of work in this assignment window. Do not *share* me into something... it needs to be live on the web by the beginning of class on Nov. 10th.