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2014-06-12 Road Trip with Hunter & Jax

posted Jul 8, 2014, 10:00 AM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2014, 7:12 PM ]
We had been promising Hunter and Jax a trip in the RV for the last couple of years so off we went to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Six days and nights of just Grandma and Grandpa?? Yup, they still want to go.

Couldn't make it in one day so we stopped overnight at Rock Springs, WY. The fairgrounds had lots of empty sites AND Jax and Hunter made new friends! The rodeo was coming to town and people were there practicing. We got to see some calf roping. You never know what you'll find along the way.

We arrived at Grand Teton Park on Saturday early afternoon. Lovely!!

We got the last site with electric at Gros Ventre campground in the park. AND there was a resident moose. We rode our bikes to the next camping loop twice a day to see if she was there. Awesome. Jax and Hunter had drag racing time trials on their bikes. Grandma was the timekeeper/referee.

They also made friends with a boy in a campsite across the way. We had many hours of monster truck sound effects in outside!

Taking a drive around the park. It was chilly in the mornings after night time temps in the upper 30's.

The park has a really nice visitor center with displays, a movie, gift shop and ranger programs. Today we are learning about the animals that live in the park.

Lots of Bison at the park. We found "evidence" all over the campground on one of our bike rides. And lots of it too.

Herds of Pronghorn Antelope running around. We took this photo while we were waiting for the antelope to jump over the fence. He was smarter than us. He just ran under it.

We signed up for a ranger guided hike up to a small lake and learned lots of neat stuff. Ask Hunter, he was right next to the ranger the whole way. There's Jax right behind the guy in the blue jacket.

We passed a stable and pasture

Crossed several gushing streams

Day 4 we left Grand Teton and went 2 hours north to Yellowstone.  We were too big to camp in the park so we only spent the day at the Old Faithful visitor center. We killed some time at the new museum before we saw Old Faithful erupt - the first of three times. Old Faithful was a BIG hit.

We took the walk behind Old Faithful where there were LOTS of little geyers and boiling hot springs. We waited and waited, but this one did not cooperate while we were there. Maybe next time.

Next stop, Cody, WY. Went to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. What a gem. We all had a great time. The caption for this photo is 'Greetings from Cody, Wyoming'!

Great timing for the Raptor show and great front row seats. This is a Turkey Vulture. Also saw a horned owl (twirling head and all), a falcon, and a golden eagle. All birds were rescued and because of injuries couldn't be released back into the wild.

Lots of hands on exhibits for both Hunter and Jax. I think Jax will be asking for a horse when he gets home. Sorry mom!

Kind of rainy on our way to meet dad in Casper, WY but with a beautiful rainbow like this you don't even mind.  Nope - no pot of gold at either end. Darn.

We had such a good time. Hope we can do it again!!

Here is what we learned about our young travelers.
  • They are little bundles of energy. If they don't get to release it, they explode later. Apparently riding in the motor home for hours doesn't count.
  • If there is something that requires climbing or balancing, they'll be on it.
  • We didn't have enough room to carry all the food they can eat.
  • We had few 'negotiations' to get what we needed done.
  • We're way too old to have kids that young. We keep up for the week. More?????????????