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Yellowstone National Park

posted Sep 8, 2012, 7:39 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:02 AM ]
Back in the USA after a fabulous summer in Alaska and Canada. We are missing our wildlife and beautiful scenery so we decided to make a quick stop at Yellowstone National Park.  We entered through the North entrance at Gardiner, MT at the North entrance. We did a whirlwind 2 night 1 day tour (not enough time).

Our first sight inside the park was a herd of goats.  You can't tell from the picture but they were standing on a cliff face.  You wonder why they don't topple off.

We stopped at the North Entrance Visitor Center.  This is the administrative center for the park and they have a Justice Center, Post Office, hotels, shops and restaurants.

Just up the hill is the Mammoth Hot Springs section of the park.  You feel like you have entered a land on another planet.  Smoking pools and colored landscape from thermophiles living in the different temperature pools.

Walkways wind in and around the different hot springs

The different colors show thermophiles in different temperature water.

Yes, that is boiling water bubbling up from holes in the ground.

Our next sighting. Buffaloes on the side of the road.

In the car and down south next stop is Upper Geyser section. A vast expanse of smoking bubbling geysers.

Signs all over the place warning of scalding water. People have died from falling in!!! Yikes. The smell of sulphur floats in the hot steamy air

Back in the car and head to Old Faithful.  It erupts every 44 - 120 minutes.  We were lucky and arrived 15 minutes before it went off.

1st it starts to smoke and rumble and spit. Then.....

Thar she blows!

Each eruption lasts 2-5 minutes

There is a walking path behind Old Faithful with lots of weird formations to look at.  We got to see Old Faithful a second time as we were taking our walk.

Some geysers erupt frequently and some not so much. This 1 spit a little while we watched.

If you click on some of these pictures to make them bigger you see more detail. They look like wormholes filled with bubbling water.

The colors are very intense

These next 2 pictures are my favorite. These holes are full of boiling water.

Back in the car we head west and start back north for the next stop.

Time to head back to the campsite. More buffaloes

Yellowstone - We'll be back.

Hasta La Vista Baby . . . Servicia awaits!