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Tooling Around the Icefields Parkway

posted Sep 1, 2012, 2:29 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:05 AM ]
From Jasper we headed south down the Icefields Parkway. An icefield is what feeds glaciers. The Columbia Icefield is what you see on this route.  It feeds 8 glaciers, is the size of Manhattan, and is a triple continental divide feeding 3 oceans- the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific.  It is the only icefield in the world that can make that claim.   We thought that after all the magnificent scenery we had already seen on this trip that this last 100 miles wouldn't be able to compete.  Boy were we wrong!

** I recommend clicking on each picture to view it full screen!!!!

Happy to see that the wildlife was still showing itself in this more popular well traveled route.

The more curly the horns the older the sheep.

The 1st awesome sight that took our breath away was the Athabasca Glacier. We booked a glacier tour on a big bus built specifically for going on glaciers called an Ice Explorer.  These buses are huge. If you look closely there is a black dot almost dead center of this picture - that is one of these buses. The glacier is giant. At the bottom of the picture right where the white ice ends and the dirty ice begins you can see some tiny dots. They are people.

You could also sign up for a glacier walk.  See the line of people?

Here's a picture of the top part of the glacier taken from the spot the bus stopped and let us out.

Don't miss the bus. It's a long walk back.

This was on the side of one of the Ice Explorers. I guess Ferrari uses a different logo in Canada, eh? Look at the logo closely.

On the way back to the Icefield Visitor Center we saw a momma goat and her baby hanging out on the side of the hill.

Back on the Icefield Parkway.  Another fabulous glacier. Just gotta stop and take a picture.
This pool of water was so clear and still and the reflection so vivid we did a double take!

Glaciers grind the rock underneath to a fine white flour which makes the water look crystal clear.

Another beautiful (BIG) glacier.

We made it halfway down the Icefield Parkway today.  Tomorrow we continue south to the village of Lake Louise, but for now . . .  cocktails await.