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Port Aransas - The Attack of Spring Break

posted Mar 14, 2012, 10:42 AM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 1:29 AM ]
Before we begin, we have a suggestion about the Visitor Comments. If you register, you can get email updates to the extremely erudite responses that we make to your comments. Think about it.

To say things changed overnight would be an understatement. There are now people in town that are younger than we are! Lots of them, too.  It's a little noisier at night too.  Starting at around 5:00 each afternoon we hear the sirens around town.  We are hoping they are police and not ambulance.  Check the"Photo Gallery" for pictures of our ride down the beach.  Here are a few teasers.

Not all Spring Break visitors are young partyer's though.  We went out to dinner with Russell, Janice and Sarah one night and hung out at their campsite another night.  Monday our friends Kathie and Myron are arriving for a visit so we are looking forward to that.

Plans for the Alaska trip are progressing nicely. Check  "Our Travel schedule" for an update. Ellie has discovered internet forums and is finding out more about some of the destinations than the chamber of commerce sites like us to know.  We were planning to stay in Prince George, BC because they have a happy, cheery web site talking about all the attractions that can be experienced there. They must have forgotten about the 3 wood pulp processing plants that give the town its distinctive aroma.

We are leaving lovely Port A next Saturday and heading for Tucson, AZ.  One of the stops on the way there will be Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Why there, you ask?  Virgin Galactic Spaceport! When we run out of places to visit in the motor home we want to have plenty of options lined up.  Where else should we stop between here and there? Put an entry on the Where Should We Go Next? page. 

But, enough for now . . . cocktails await.