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You Really Can't Take a Bad Picture Here.

posted Jun 14, 2012, 9:25 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:11 AM ]
June 12th

Dawson Creek - Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Triple "G" Campground
Not a lot of scenery from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson to take pictures of. Maybe tomorrow.

June 13th
Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs

The scenery is definitely getting better.

Stone Sheep right on the side of the highway just south of Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake
I was taking this picture from the RV 2 hairpin turns behind these RV's.  Please stay on your own side!

Stopped for lunch on the side of the road at Muncho Lake

This is a picture taken from the dinette table window while eating lunch.

Northern end of Muncho Lake looking south.  Definitely better scenery today!!!

Liard Hot Springs Provincial Campground
Lovely. State Park feel

In the park just a 1/2 mile stroll into the forest down this lovely walkway...

is the top of the hot springs.  See the steam?

The Hot Springs.  You can see the people in the water thru the steam.  I tried to enter the water  by the stairs at the left of the picture but the water was so hot I only got 1 foot in.  We opted to enter down by the changing room and then worked our way up to the "hot" end of the springs.  We stayed in the pools chatting with fellow travelers for about an hour and a half.  Can you say "wet noodle"?? We did make it back to the campsite for a cocktail then bed.  What a great day.

June 14th
Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia to Teslin, Yukon

Yup, that's a buffalo.  Just laying on the side of the highway eating and napping.  We would see herds along the way for the next 120 miles.

Beautiful vistas

BEAR.  Right on the side of the highway.    16 sightings before we got these pictures.  Michael was getting pretty good at screeching to a halt when he heard me bellow "BEAR"!!  AWESOME.  Samm, how long have I wanted to see a BAR???

Watson Lake
Signpost Forest

Road repair - gravel patch.  The car is very dirty!!
OK, I'll get over the dirty car.

There is more water in Canada than I have ever seen anywhere else.

Dawson Peak Resort and Campground just south of Teslin, Yukon

Let's stroll down to the lake before dinner

Come on Michael,
cocktails await....