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Wastin' Away Again in Margaritaville, er Dawson Creek

posted Jun 11, 2012, 7:47 AM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:12 AM ]
We arrived at the Mile 0 marker for the Alaska Highway on Friday. Woohoo! There is an OK RV park right in town at mile 0 of the highway. We have had a series of adventures since we got here. Some of them were even good!


The last time we filled the motor home, the price of diesel was $1.069 per litre (note the spelling). When converted to US dollars and gallons, that's about $3.94. When we were in Montana, that's about the same price we paid there. When it comes to Dawson Creek, not so much. The next tank cost $4.71! All of the locals we spoke with said that we should have gotten fuel in Alberta. They don't have HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). Oh well. Gas for the car went from $1.169 to $1.279 (the same price as diesel).  Ouch!


As we noted earlier, there was rain and bad weather which caused us to postpone our trip to Banff and Lake Louise. That same weather system moved north and west. It rained so much that roads got washed away. The Alaska Highway was closed in two places. Not a problem, you might think. We could go on an alternate route. If you did, think again. All of the routes to Watson Lake had at least one closure. If you can't get past Watson Lake, you're not getting to Alaska. We have been corresonding with folks that are in Whitehorse, Yukon. They're stuck there because the road washed out north of there.

We have been here for three days and will probably spend one more night here. A number of closures have been reopened. The main sticking point is being worked on. They are building a single lane 'pioneer' road (whatever that is) and should have it completed today or tomorrow. They are then building a two-lane detour around the washout and that will take at least two more days. We'll go to the Visitor's Centre (note the spelling) to get the latest news. Here's a link to Yukon road conditons:

In addition to groceries, we almost have television. The satellite dish gave out in Edmonton. When the satellites are at the equator, it's difficult to aim the dish through the ground. We have three stations here. The best receiption is in French. The other two have perpetual blizzards on them. The other night we watched CSI: New York. Everyone was walking around in shirt sleeves, but the snow on the screen was so bad, you could hardly see it.

I mentioned speliing a couple of times. Here is a sentence where are the words are correctly spelled in Canadian, eh. We went to the banking centre to select our favourite colour checques.

Stay tuned for more on our adventures in the area. Even though we had to leave most of the wine and licquor behind in the states (the heathens!) . . . cocktails await!