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Kind of Like Touring the Capitals of Europe

posted Jun 19, 2012, 10:25 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:09 AM ]

...Only a Lot More Trees and Mountains and a Lot Less People

Since our last update, we have been to the booming metropoli of Moose Creek, Mayo, Keno City and Dawson City. The population of Dawson City is around 1800. The population of all of these towns combined is less than 2,000. I didn't mention Elsa, because we weren't allowed to visit. It's only a company town, so you need to keep on moving. Once we made it to Dawson City, we got to hose off the Saturn. After we are done with the visit here, it's off to the Top of the World Highway into Alaska. The trip starts with a ferry ride and ends with 80 miles of gravel road. Cool, huh? Anyway, here are the pictures and Ellie's pithy comments. :)

Klondike Highway- Whitehorse to Dawson City

Beautiful wild flowers along the edge of the road.  Vetch, I think.

The Five Fingers

Rapids on the Yukon River that the sternwheel boats had to navigate.  On the trip back from Dawson city to Whitehorse they had cables attached to the rock wall that they could grab and help pull the boat upstream past these rapids.  It looks like a lot a space but it was a very tight fit.

Picture from the hike from the rest area to the Five finger rapids overlook.  Do you see in the distance the RV's in the parking lot and that very long very steep staircase back??

I can make it, I can make it!!  Oxygen please.

Side trip to Mayo and Keno city via the Silver Trail

Mayo (Population 470)  - The Binet House and Visitor Center
Nice view

Paved road just ended. 33 miles of gravel road to Keno City.

Made it to Keno City (Population 20)

You don't see this sign many other places.

We had lunch at the local tavern and it was recommended that we go up Keno Hill to see the signpost.  Here we go.

6 1/2 miles of steep, winding, rutted, dirty, muddy path.  Sorry I don't have better pictures of the "road" but I was too busy holding on.

Just as we made it to the top a giant black cloud descended on us and it stated to rain and it was freezing cold. And WINDY

No we didn't get a stripe painted on the car. MUD and lots of it.

The road back to the highway from Keno City.

Michael soaking (up) the local info.

Daily wildlife sighting

A porcupine crossing the road.  We had a great sighting but I forgot the camera until he was headed into the brush.

Had another great day! Tomorrow we get to Dawson City... Cocktails await!