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Fishin' in Homer

posted Jul 4, 2012, 6:47 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:20 AM ]
We don't have a lot of photos from our day long fishing trip. We were sort of busy fishing. Six people on a 30-foot boat didn't leave a lot of room for doing much of anything, but fishing.

We reported to the dock at 6:00 am and headed out at 6:15 am. The sea was pretty calm, to start.   We were fishing for Halibut and the quota is 2 fish per person.

Our fetching fisher

The first big catch of the day! Just kidding, that's the bait.

We weren't the only ones fishing

The total catch from the boat. The two on the left are mine!  (Michael, don't be modest.  He caught the 2 biggest fish of the day a 30 lber and a 25 lber.  My 2 were around 20 lbs each.  My arms are killing me!!!  I have never been fishing before and reeling in fish is hard work.  The captain asked if I wanted some help reeling them in but I said no and did it all myself.  Besides our Halibut we snagged some annoying little Sea Robins.  Annoying because you have to do all the work of reeling them in just to throw them back.  owwww, my throbbing arms.)

This is what 45.7 lbs of halibut fillet looks like. (It is actually 95 pounds of fish)  We know what we'll be eating for the rest of the summer!

One of my new tee shirts to demonstrate my traveling prowess!

Nice view from the seafood restaurant table