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Eagles in Ninilchik

posted Jul 12, 2012, 11:00 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:20 AM ]

Red Bluff Campground (Mile 131)

Just north of Ninilchik on the Kenai Peninsula is a hard to find campground that is little more than a gravel lot.  It is quiet, secluded and sits at the top of a bluff overlooking the Cook Inlet.  It does not have any services (water, sewer, electric, satelite TV, clubhouse, internet),   but the view was worth the sacrifice as we were only there a few days. It DID have a very nice outhouse, though, which we admired from a distance.

We were sitting in the RV looking out the windshield at the view when a bald eagle flew by at eye level.  Another perk of this site!!

We didn't know what this bird was, only that it was big and close.  It is an immature bald eagle.  By the time they are about 4 years old they will have the dark brown body and the pure white head of an adult eagle.  When you see them in a tree you know why they are this mottled color.  They blend in perfectly.  Good picture!!!!

This guy was also at the campground.  It was flying by and looked like it was going to land so I grabbed the camera and followed it.  Just over a little hill and there it was.  It's easy to spot their white heads in the tree.

Ninilchik Village Harbor

There is just ONE dock and all the boats are tied to each other.  They are all commercial fishing boats.

Ninilchik Village was where we spent the day digging for Razor Clams (thanks to Fred and Corky Bott from Newberg, OR).  It was 4 hours of digging and 3 hours to clean them.  Between us we got 84 clams. So far I have lightly breaded and fried them and made a batch of Manhattan chowder.  Both were pretty good.

Seagull was waiting patiently for us to clean the clams.

Here come the rest of them

Yum, fresh clam guts!

Deep Creek State Recreation Area

Our RV was a tad big to camp here, but when we were checking it out we saw lots of eagles so we came back and spent the day.  One side is right on the Cook Inlet and the other side is on the Ninilchik River and both sides offer eagle viewing. 

We started with the river and trekked along the path in the grasses along the river to get a better view.

Look at that face. Amazing.  I'm glad the Eagle was voted the USA emblem instead of the close second favorite - the wild turkey.

You can see that this one is not quite a mature eagle yet.

The immature eagles blend into the river bed too.

There were even more around the bend in the river as well as some flying around and in the nearby trees.

Next we walked down the beach about 1/4 of a mile.  Where people are fishing and/or clamming you'll find eagles.

Awesome picture

There were a few that stayed on the beach and let me get about 10 feet away. I was able to take lots (sorry) of close up and personal pictures.

There is a nice tasty fish carcass on the other side of the rock.  Yum.

They are lots of them sitting along the bluff at the edge of the beach.

Oh yeah, Michael was there too.  :)

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