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Grand Junction, Colorado

posted May 30, 2012, 8:41 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 1:23 AM ]

Page, AZ-Glen Canyon Dam

End Of April on our way to Grand Junction, CO

The visitor center usually offers tours of the dam but the day we were there they were doing maintenance down below in the turbine area . . . Next time.

Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah

A 2-night stop on the way to Grand Junction.

Dave Radican - Here's a camper for you. Note the grille!

We took a 3 mile hike down into the canyon.  This was on the way back up!!!!

                                   Thor's Hammer

The Sentinel

Grand Junction, Co

May 1-June 2

Hunter and Jax

Day trip
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Montrose, CO

Park Visitor Center with Hunter
Can you hear me now??

South Rim looking across at the North Rim

Our daughter Gretchen, her husband (our son-in law) Johnny, Jax (5), Hunter (7)

Yes honey, I'm glad your parents came to visit for a month.

If the Empire State Building was at the bottom of this canyon it would only come halfway up this cliff wall.

The Gunnison River at the bottom of the canyon.  Do not take this drive at night.

Grand Junction RV - our next RV??
Michael has been taking his vitamins. Ha Ha!!

Our daughter is training for the "Tough Mudder" 10 mile run and obstacle course the 2nd weekend in June in Denver.  Grand Junction had a mini 2 mile mud run and obstacle course, just for fun!!

Jax graduation from pre-school.  Kindergarten this fall-watch out!

Hunter and Jax joint birthday party

Thanks Auntie Samm for this cool Darth Vader talking mask.  You have a VW Jetta don't you??

Hunter's and Jax's birthday present from their mom and dad.

Who's that big kid in there jumping with you??  Grandma, is that you? 

What can I say??

Yoda watermelon head.  Thank you Samantha for turning me on to Pinterest.
Who made that cool cake from the Lava Pit fight scene from Star Wars?
Thanks Grandma.

End of the birthday party - Auggie (the party animal) is pooped.  No pictures of Grandma and Grandpa.