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Dawson ... Dawson City That Is.

posted Jun 24, 2012, 6:36 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 1:22 AM ]

June 18 -20

Looking down on Dawson City from Dome Hill at 12:00 (midnight!!!)

Official sunset was 12:49am.  Sunrise was 3:28.

Yukon River on Main St.

Historic building that hasn't been restored yet. I think it was a bank.

One of the more important locations in town.

Seems like anyone can get a drivers license in the Yukon!

Dredge #4

This was used to mine placers gold (flakes).  The whole thing would swing side to side scooping up the creek bed.  Once it was finished with an area it floated down stream a little farther and started all over again.  The locals said that it emitted a horrible metal on metal screeching 24 hours a day.  No lubricant could be used on parts that the gold would come in contact with otherwise the gold would float off and not settle out.

That big giant dredge produced a product that would fit in this tiny little bucket once a week. On its best day, they got 900 ounces of gold.

Artsy photos of the mechanisms in the dredge.

These are the levers in the control room at the top of the dredge that controlled the movements of the dredge.

The Ferry

This is the only way from Dawson City to the Top of the World Highway.

Note the high tech landing area. Bulldozers and bucket loaders were on hand to keep it in good shape.

The Keno

Stern Wheeler - transport from Whitehorse to Dawson City. This is what they look like when you take care of them.

Stern Wheeler graveyard

This is what they look like when they don't take care of them.

This was one of the sites that was recommended at the Visitor Center.  It was supposed to be a short distance from the end of the territorial Campground.  Michael and I could not find the path.  We met a couple of local teenagers who convinced us to follow them into the woods to find it.  There was a hint of a path, once upon a time. After about 1/4 mile there it was.

Did you hear that??  Banjo music playing off in the distance.

Thanks Randy and friend.

Michael and I found a better path on the way back.   What an adventure that was.

Sled Dogs!

Over the ferry and 5 miles into the woods is a sled dog kennel and training camp.  What a great find.  The 2 1/2 tour was well worth the fee. In the background are all the different training vehicles.

Including this ATV.   These guys like (love) to run!

The largest sled dog museum in the Yukon