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Fairbanks to Haines

posted Aug 3, 2012, 7:28 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:19 AM ]
Fairbanks is the 2nd largest city in Alaska with a population of 32,500 people.  This will be our northern most destination.  We opted not to drive the Dalton Highway (unpaved gravel road) 161 miles north to just inside the Arctic Circle or the 499 miles all the way to the Arctic Ocean and Prudoe Bay.  We met people who did take the drive so that's the next best thing! While in Fairbanks we took the Riverboat Discovery tour and visited a Chena Indian village, experienced the 40 degree below zero room (Michael did) went to Chena Hot Springs and Ice Museum(day trip 50 miles east),  went to Farmers Market,  saw University of Alaska's Museum of the North, and checked out the excellent  Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum (and vintage fashion display). 

Indian Village

University of Alaska-Museum of the North

Chena Hot Springs - Ice Museum

Ice carvings of 2 knights jousting on horseback (to scale)

Ice flower in an ice crystal ball

Bull moose right outside the museum.  Only the second male with  antlers we've seen so far. All the rest have been cows

Chena Springs resort grows all their own produce. Finally a giant Alaskan cabbage.

Michael, put your hand out for some scale. That's alotta cabbage!

Moose on the drive back to Fairbanks. Ho Hum (not really. I don't think it will ever get old)

Left Fairbanks for the drive to Haines, Alaska (out of Alaska into BC and Yukon and then back into Alaska)

Great view of one of the peaks of the Alaska Range along the Alaska Highway. Mt Hayes elevation 13,832

Mt Hayes on the right and either Mt Deborah or Hess Mt to the left.  All 3 are there but I couldn't get them in 1 picture. I can't image what McKinley at over 20,000 feet would look like.  Maybe next time.

The official other end of the Alaska Highway in Delta Junction, Alaska

Alaska Pipeline

Lake Kluane near the town of Destruction Bay in Yukon, Canada. Absolutely gorgeous.

Cottonwood RV campground on Kluane Lake just south of Destruction Bay

View from the front of our site. Really nice but very windy.

View from the back. ahhhh...

We looked out the window about 10:00pm and what's that? The moon?  We haven't seen the moon in 2 months! I had to climb on top of the RV to get this picture.

Continue south and east to Dezadeash Lake a few hours north of Haines, Alaska

Took a hike to a rock glacier

That big pile of gravel (morraine) is the toe of the glacier

You guessed it... at the top of yet another mountain

Took a little stroll at nearby Lake Kathleen.  I told you, lots of water in Canada and Alaska!!!

Ain't it cute? Lots of RVs from Europe. I can't stand next to this one. It's a little larger than the golf cart.

Stay tuned. We're on our way south . . . Cocktails await!