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Haines - Boy, did we have fun there!

posted Aug 21, 2012, 8:02 PM by Michael Schwarz   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 2:18 AM ]
    We arrived in the small town of Haines on the Portage Cove, just North of Juneau.  This is the view from the front window of our RV.  Not bad! That boat in the cove is the World Cruise ship. A floating condo that goes around the world.

Michael took this wonderful picture of the World Ship at night.

Picture of Haines with a Princess cruise ship in port. Haines only has 1 ship a week in port so the town really retains its charm.  Looks like a postcard!!

We had a bear sighting right in front of our campground on the beach.  By the time I got out with my camera the bear had come up the bank and crossed the street right behind the park. My friend Nancy and I jumped in the car and went in search but couldn't find the bear again. Darn.

While in Haines we wanted one more chance to catch some King Salmon so we took a 1/2 day fishing charter.  This is the 1 and only catch of the morning but alas it was 1 inch too small and we had to throw it back, but not before I was forced to stick my finger in the fishys mouth, hold onto its wriggling slimy body and have my picture taken. YUK!

We also took some nice hikes.

I don't think we were the 1st ones here. Ewald - Was that you?

Every day we drove the 5 miles down to the Chillkoot River to hopefully catch some bears fishing for salmon. Today we only saw some seals, cool.

The big one is sitting on a big rock just under the surface of the water.

This day we were watching some fisherman from the other side of the river.  WAIT - What's that over on the right?  A bear!!  I don't think the fisherman knows he's there, yet.

Now he does.  Time to go.

Fish. I smell fish. Want fish. (The rule is that if a fisherman catches a fish and the bear wants it, the fisherman is supposed to throw the fish back. That way, the bear doesn't learn a new, easy way to get fish.)

Okay I'll try catching my own fish.

Not as easy as it looks.

The bear climbed the bank and started to cross the bridge, right in our direction. The bear ranger on duty made sure he kept on going down the road and into the forest. Close call.

Little alpine lake at the end of another nice hike.

One of the MANY waterfalls in Alaska and Canada.

About 30 miles north of town is the Horschel Wildlife Preserve.  The 2 characters that own and run the place used to be a documentary film director and animal trainer and the other guy is a Falconry expert. Here's Mario smooching his Wolverine. Wolverines are generally known for their viscous behavior. This fellow is the offspring, born in captivity, of a wounded and rescued wolverine

They had a porcupine too. He likes cashews.

Having a bad hair day?  I know how you feel.

Every evening on the beach right in front of the RV the same eagle was cruising for fish to steal from the seagulls.

Eagles generally are solitary except for mates. We watched them fish and then one flew off to the nest with dinner for their baby.

Time to leave.  We had a choice of driving back up the same road we came in on OR take the ferry across the canal to Skagway then head North. Ferry it is.

There goes the RV (Michael is driving the RV and I took the car - Big surprise, eh?)

Suspension bridge on the way out of Skagway.

Next stop is Hyder Alaska via the Cassier Highway thru Canada . . . Cocktails await. :)