High School Physical Education

Physical Education lost its strength and purpose when it changed from its original intent.

What we have now, in most schools, is not physical education.

It could be called sport education or games education, but its overwhelming emphasis is not on "physical" education.

At its inception, physical education was designed to develop the physical capacity of students. It was to develop strength, flexibility, movement economy, coordination, and many other fitness and physical qualities.

There was a strong meaning and purpose for improving fitness and physical qualities- It built a "physically and mentally stronger person."

When the focus was made to more game and activity units there was still a fitness component for a while- gymnastics, calisthenics... were still important aspects of physical education.

Then it changed!

Schools and states started banning gymnastics, and fitness activities started to fade away.

Sports and games dominated. The downfall began...

Schuylerville Physical Education program has moved away from strictly sport and game education and evolved into a comprehensive training program. 

 The “physical” and not “sport” education approach benefits each student’s physical bodies, but also their cognitive development. Now our students are exposed to Physical Education the way it was intended to be. It will help to improve their physical, mental and emotional health.

We have only one life and one body and if you don’t have your health, what do you have?

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HS Physical Education